“Ilyumzhinov called to close the account in a Swiss Bank FIDE “duck”

Account of the International chess Federation (FIDE) Swiss Bank UBS is not closed, it is a journalistic “duck”, said the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

“The account in UBS Bank, no one blocked, they all opened, I only recently checked. All events are held”, – said Ilyumzhinov on Wednesday “Interfax”.

Press center16 Oct 2017Илюмжинов not planning to apply to court regarding decisions of the Executive Committee to Fiduciary read more

As noted by the interlocutor of the Agency, the Treasurer of FIDE Adrian Siegel talked about the fact that the Bank allegedly was the call that the account is locked. However, the official papers from the Bank on this occasion was not, moreover, if such a paper will arrive, Ilyumzhinov intends to sue the Bank “because of a court decision on closure of accounts was not.”

“Now we with lawyers in London to sue the publications that wrote about the closing of the accounts,” – said Ilyumzhinov.

He attributed this to the campaign for the elections of the FIDE President that will be held in September.

Meanwhile, since last year, Ilyumzhinov regularly try to “remove” from the post of President of the organization in the autumn of last year on the FIDE website, it was reported that Ilyumzhinov resigned. Later Ilyumzhinov has denied this information.

Currently on the FIDE website posted a letter Siegel stating that FIDE accounts in UBS Bank will be closed due to a finding of Ilyumzhinov in the sanctions list of the U.S. Treasury.

Siegel notes that Ilyumzhinov was given time to solve problems with a hit to the sanctions list and the Bank was expecting its imminent delisting. But now “it is clear that almost certainly no change in this situation will not happen”, – said the Treasurer.

Siegel said that the problem with getting Ilyumzhinov in the sanctions list, seriously harm the business relationship of the organization and will now have to find a new Bank to conduct operations.

Will be included in the sanctions list of the U.S. Treasury in 2015 for alleged links with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Ilyumzhinov denies the offense and trying to prove innocence in the United States. He folded part of the financial and business authority of FIDE in that it does not interfere with the activities of the organization.

Ilyumzhinov and the announcement of the resignation of

27 March 2017 on the FIDE website reported that Ilyumzhinov announced his departure from the post of President on the eve of the meeting of the Council of the Federation. As later told Ilyumzhinov he spent hours trying to post on the portal a denial, however, could not contact the headquarters of FIDE.He later said he did not intend to leave the post of head FIDE and ready to serve before the presidential election in 2018.The situation was discussed at an extraordinary meeting of the FIDE presidential Board on April 10, where in the end it turned out that Ilyumzhinov retained his post.

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