In the “City” improvised created underwater world

Performances for the youngest audience, for those who are still not very firmly on his feet, now quite a fashion trend in the theater. Fashionable, but dangerous, you can say, extreme pure water. Adults who do not always (and often so) are features of the perception of that audience. What adults clever, creative and fun, kids or not clear, or just bored. But this complicated area of theatre for small victories happen, and even large. Count full win Israeli choreographers LIAT Shabtai, mean Reznik, who in the “teatrium na serpukhovke” together with their Russian colleagues released the play “Tiny ocean”.

This “Ocean” of wet, bright blue and splashing in three transparent tanks that are closely set in a row to one another. Children (at play not more than fifty) seated literally three feet from the containers directly on the floor on cushions (parents on the back of the chairs), so that problems with the review, no one there: the ocean life of adventure, shipwreck, treasure here, as on the palm.

The ocean is run by two charismatic Actresses — Anna Prokopyeva and Oksana Varnava dressed sailors. In their hands only transparent sticks with an ordinary piece of cloth each, and using such simple devices, they begin to tell a wonderful story about two little fish — a fish boy (white) and the fish-girl (red) who went to the oceanic depths in search of treasure. There they were in danger — in one aquarium fish is a predator, the other will be found the merry band of pans in the galley, and even held an underwater dance party with ballroom dancing dress.

Imagination — the whole sea, that is ocean. Changing emotions have been calculated very precisely — from laughter to the real fright. There is this funny “Ocean” and melancholy: when in the aquarium there is a big yellow fish, the other fish mother rushed to protect her baby and killed in an unequal battle. This dramatic episode is done very delicately, in fact this is a conversation with children about death, and for many the first place. So the actress holding a pause, not in a hurry to move on to the next, sometimes on the mood of the scene. In the hall the reactions are different — quiet, someone of the kids looks back and looking for my mother, and someone loudly calling for her.

This is a very important moment in the play, and it is not afraid to focus. However, the Directors of Israel’s offer two versions: if there are children aged 4+, it remains, if 3+, then actress in the second part of the play save the mother. However, the actress first watched the show, how responsive the kids, and already depending on this decide.

“Tiny ocean” is the subject of the theatre and if after the performance to look beyond the aquariums, it is possible to detect a laboratory for the production of “Ocean”. There are many devices, pistons, parts of the performance. Under the guidance of our Israeli colleagues of the actress learned how to manipulate all this wealth, achieving a sense, like you actually see the ocean and the life in it.

— How hard to play for very young viewers? What are the specifics? I ask Anna and Oksana after the performance.

— The most important thing to understand here is that there is nothing to strum. To ensure that the children understood everything, we need to play so that they have not had any issues. So I say question, as if anticipating children’s questions, and Oksana says to me. The main thing is to let yourself go to we got game two girls who want to tell others the fascinating story.

— And the fact that they are talking loudly, not stopping?

— No, the children are very like to talk during the show about the show. When there is a big fish, some say: “It’s a whale”, and someone asks: “Keith is not orange?””No, it happens.” But if one began to speak, the other immediately joined in. Each time the reaction is unpredictable, but that they are interesting.

The ocean, and his hands can clasp. How hard is it to survive in such circumstances?

— The main thing — not to interfere with each other. Look, we have all the items involved in the play (there are so many, hard to count), stacked in three containers. Two written the names of the Directors of the Israel — man and LIAT. And the third stage of garbage. Another challenge is to achieve the effect its own elimination, children should not watch over us, and the fish in the aquarium.

— The question about death, which is addressed in the play. And you have two versions of this scene. Maybe still to stay on life-affirming?

— Play new until we try, but I don’t think you need to remove the conversation about death. For some, he was the first. What the child thinks about it, we don’t know. But especially in the hall so arranged the place that the child may at any time to stand and without disturbing others, to approach the mother. We have seen at this point, the babies clung to their mothers. Of course, the show is interesting because it is made literally from make-shifts — rags, ribbons, pomazkov for shaving. But what is pleasing is that after the performance, the child says to the mother: “I also want to start a fish”.

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