“Juventus” – “Tottenham” – 2:1: online broadcasting of 1/8 finals of the Champions League

On Tuesday in Turin resumes the UEFA Champions League. This day will give football fans an interesting confrontation between the finalists of last year’s draw of Juventus and probably the most unpredictable team in England, Tottenham.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

57′ Again Bernardeschi! Entered the penalty area from the right and unleashed a left into the far corner. But the ball raced past the far stand.

55′ “Juventus” yet more attacks. Bernardeschi shot from outside the box. But hit the defender. “Tottenham” can not yet even into the penalty area Buffon really go.

51′ Alex Sandro was served into the penalty area on the left. But Lloris knocked the ball into the box with his fists.

48′ Feed Pjanic free-kick, but this time to break through failed.

46′ Went. Second half.

– A match that lives up to expectations. Two penalties. One not clogged. Beautiful goals from higuaín and superlambananas Kane. Signature saves by Buffon. But this is only the first half. Waiting for the second half.

45+2′ And all! The first half ended.

45+2′ Higuain loaded into the crossbar! No goal!

45+1′ Mom! Even a penalty! Again in gate of Loris! Douglas Costa brought down Aurier inside his own penalty area.

45′, Benatia received a yellow card. He roughly played against Delle alli.

42′ Another point at the gate of Buffon. Flow, and his head struck Lamela. The ball fell on the net from the top side.

40′ free-kick Played guests. Eriksen struck tricky forehand Topspin from a free-kick on target. Buffon parried the ball in front of him. Then knocked the ball defenders.

35′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! He did it! Harry Kane escaped the offside trap, left out to meet Buffon and shot into the empty net. It’s a goal. Tottenham got the chance for a successful outcome of this meeting.

32′ And Kane all trying. Got the ball Harry on the left edge of the penalty area turned and struck a left toward the right corner. The ball touched the fingertips of Buffon. Left the ball for a corner. The filing of a corner, and Tottenham have not been able to do anything in the penalty area.

31′ And then counter-attack Juve in all its glory. Saved by defenders of “Old Lady” its gates once again. In response, higuaín received the ball from Mandzukic, beat the defender and shot on goal. The ball passed in centimetres from the left rack.

30′ what do you think the account in Basel? True, already devastating. “My teams leads” – 3:0. The second goal scored by Bernardo Silva, and the third held Aguero.

29′ Another critical moment at the gate of Buffon. But the guests did not managed to punch. The ball went behind the front.

26′ But you and Buffonia! The shed to the right front of the gate “Juventus”, and Kane’s head struck the emphasis is on goal. But Buffon managed to jump to hit the projectile from the gate! Then knocked the ball defenders.

23′ Oh, Lamela received the ball on the left flank and began to shift to the center of the penalty area, but came across Bryja. Bad luck to the British.

20′ Tottenham gaining momentum. But till the dangerous moments still does not reach. Ivan Kane is the ball just not getting.

18′ by the Way, in Basel are already British. There was the sea. “My teams” ahead 1:0.

17′ But this is debatable! Harry Kane fell in the penalty the hosts. Benatia, him, like, pushed. But the referee, no doubt pointing out the spot in the penalty Loris, now did not.

15′ Come to visit. Now Eriksen shot along the gate on the right. Kane, but his shot hit the post. However, even in this dangerous moment is not going to count as the Dane missed the ball out front.

11′ Davies filed to the left, but hit the defender. The corner will be.

9′ GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Iguana accurate. And already 2:0!

8′ Penalty! Bernardeschi earned 11-metre!

5′ Mandzukic barely now not left alone. But there is a Croat came to the position out of the game.

2′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! And go ahead owners! Very subtly played host box. The target threw a sock ball into the box, where a lonely Iguana in touch sent the ball into the far bottom corner Loris. Here’s a start!

2′ Already in the first minutes, the Bianconeri will play the free-kick. The target was shot down in the center of the field.

1′ the Match is underway!

– Here are the starting lineups.

“Juventus”: Buffon, De Sciglio, Benatia, Chiellini, Alex Sandro, Pjanic, Khedira, Bernardeschi, Douglas Costa, Mandzukic, Higuain.

“Tottenham”: Lloris, Aurier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Dembele, Michu, Lamela, Eriksen, Allie, Kane.

– Good evening, dear lovers of football. In these Olympic days, do not forget about football. Today we look at the matches between Juventus Turin and London “Tottenham”. Will also look at what is happening in the parallel match between the Swiss “Basel” and “Manchester city”.

Position both teams in their League are now different. Juve comes on the heels of the leader of Serie A, Napoli, trailing by only a point. But the Londoners are still only in fifth place in the Premier League.

But in their group in the Champions League they, if anyone remembers, was sent to the Europa League “Borussia” from Dortmund, and also defeated real Madrid. But the Old lady in the Quartet received unrequited three years from Barcelona.

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