Leading up to the crash of the An-148 problems found at Sukhoi Superjet

Technical problems, which, according to MAK, resulted in the death of passenger An-148 aircraft in Moscow on 11 February, was discovered and the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, writes “Kommersant”. We are talking about the speed indicator pilots, which in icing conditions failed.

Photo: Vladislav Bashkirov.

13 Feb interstate aviation Committee (IAC) reported that the reason of wreck of An-148 “Saratov airlines” could be the icing receivers total pressure, which distort the speed reading of the aircraft and led to the loss of height.

The next day after the disaster, which killed 71 people, Federal air transport Agency sent out the airlines, airport operators and territorial authorities a telegram.

In it, in particular, it was noted that similar problems were detected in the SSJ 100 liners 4 and 5 February in Moscow, when the flights were complicated by the heavy snowfall. In Sheremetyevo airport there have been seven incidents of icing of the sensors in aircraft of this type, and from 2011 — 14.

As reported by the Federal air transport Agency, on Board were recorded divergence speed readings from the aircraft commander and copilot. The incidents occurred in the run-up for takeoff or in the initial stage of climb. In all cases, the crews stopped off or was returning to the airport.

At the same time, as pointed out by “Kommersant”, the Federal air transport Agency has no claim to the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, but requires you to pay attention to “the low quality of the airfield to receive and release of aircraft”. The Agency also points to ineffective risk assessment of flight operations in hazardous weather anomalies.

In “Civil planes Dry” the publication reported that the SSJ 100 has successfully passed certification tests “subject to more stringent requirements for flight in icing conditions than were applied to previously certified aircraft.”

The plane “Saratov airlines” An-148, EN route from Domodedovo to Orsk, crashed in the Ramenskiy district of the Moscow region in a few minutes after takeoff. On Board were 71 people — 65 passengers and six crew members. They all died.

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