Russian Olympians win families: background historical success in Curling

In the program of winter Olympic games in 15 kinds of sports, and we remember as the multiplication table. And only in Curling has never before been medals, while the Russian team in this sport have begun to act on the Games since 2002. 13 February 2018 karma won this wonderful couple. Nastya and Sasha. Representatives of the Olympic debut of the discipline called mixed double, mixed doubles. We now have a “bronze”. This is the third award the team of the country on this really cold and unfriendly the Olympics. And Norway was defeated again – 8:4, although the score was originally developed in favor of Russia. But the seventh end (recommended!) – was a great success.

photo: AP

“Bronze” or “wooden medal”? That’s what we experienced tonight. In the collection of our athletes are already two such: the skier Spicula and jumper Avvakumova. To continue is not wanted. The scale of sports Nastia and Sasha were previously very few people are familiar, but they are the world Champions 2016. In three hours the night started in a big battle, which the Russians were able to reverse.

The St. Petersburg couple is rarely possible to find in Moscow. There are only two options: Novogorsk, training base of national teams of Russia and… the editors of “MK”. Nastia with Sasha along with a personal trainer Basil by Hodinem even interrupted training schedule and got to us on the subway.

New discipline. Unknown opponents. Guys got married in 2017, though long together. Say, what’s the problem? Yes, the athletes often find each other. Forged but they are usually your metal apart. Yes, there are families and duets in figure skating. But there’s function in girl and boy painted in advance. But Curling is nothing like that.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Bronze medalists of the Olympic games Alexander krushelnitsky
and Anastasia Bryzgalova before leaving to Korea visited
the “MK”.

Skip (well, if you want traditionally the captain) of the team – Alexander. It performs first and fifth shot. Nastya – three between them. Normally, in other teams it’s different. “So it happened: usually in “mixed doubles” last hand of the girl, but we came from the classics: Sasha and kind of skip, and “Protocol”, – said Nastya – I Vice-skip. However, we can change this arrangement from time to time”.

Magical couple opened the winter Olympics for the entire Russian delegation – the match with the United States. Nerves adaptation. 3:9. Most of this guys did not allow himself that time, Americans long held in the leading group. Then an important victory over Norway – the prototype of today’s game for “bronze”. Survived in this group stage only five teams. The Chinese tried to cling to the “bandwagon”, given the battle of Norway, but in the tiebreak she gave in. Alas, with Switzerland in the semi-final our there was an error. But in the medal of our a pair of gripping tongs.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov


The President of the Curling Federation of Russia Dmitry Svishchev in an exclusive interview with “MK” recognized: “Let “bronze” sounds like one of our most expensive “gold”! For us, FKR, for our fans, it’s the most expensive metal right now. What did guys Nastia with Sasha, they have done for us, for the whole of Russia. The first time discipline, we are in a neutral status, all easy. After the semi-finals I didn’t even want to talk to anybody, understand. To convey all the feelings I can’t. Explain, too. Night had nightmares. But now we have a historic medal: it is a merit of trainer Vasily gudina, Nastya and Sasha”.

Olympics 2018. Chronicle of events

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