The analyzed time of the report could have prevented the crash of An-148

In an information note on safety, prepared for the heads of territorial bodies of the Federal air transport Agency, indicated that in the period from February 4 to February 5 flights in the Moscow air hub was complicated by adverse weather conditions. Due to snow at Sheremetyevo airport, there were 7 incidents c planes similar to the An-148. In all cases, decisions were made on termination off or on return to the airfield. The document was published telegrams channel Mash.

Specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee (MAK) concluded that the crash of a passenger plane “Saratov airlines” in Moscow took place due to the fact that they have freezed the speed sensors. After take-off speeds, the pilots began to vary, in time to deal with this situation, they failed.

The conclusions that icy sensors can lead to disaster were made only after the crashed An-148. So, prepared for the heads of territorial bodies of the Federal air transport Agency information note it is reported that planes of type RRJ-95B (Superjet) with 4 to 5 February because of snow, there were 7 incidents of discrepancy of indications of the speed of the aircraft commander and copilot. Such incidents occurred at the stage of the runway for take-off or initial stage of the climb. In all cases the crews have taken the decision to stop the takeoff or return to the airport, according to the document.

Also in the information note States that after inspections the aircraft were discovered deposits of ice on the fuselage in front of the receiver air pressure. The ice could have formed due to freezing of water that drips down from the front top of the fuselage and glass cockpit.

The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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