“The arbitration court declared bankrupt “Kogalymavia”

– The Moscow arbitration court on Tuesday recognized the bankruptcy of the airline “Kogalymavia”, the correspondent of “Interfax” from the courtroom.

“To recognize the company “Airline “Kogalymavia” insolvent bankruptcy and open in its respect bankruptcy proceedings for a period of 6 months,” said the judge.

The hearing to consider the report of the bankruptcy Trustee was appointed on August 7, 2018.

The monitoring procedure in respect of “Kogalymavia” was introduced in April last year, when the court upheld the requirements of the Federal tax service of Russia n 23 across Moscow about the bankruptcy of the company. The court then turned to the requirements of the tax authority on 155,8 million roubles in the register of creditors of the debtor, and approved the interim Manager Rimma Bagaveeva.

In the register of creditors “Kogalymavia” currently, in addition to the on included debts to Credit Europe Bank (736,6 million rubles), OOO “TT-travel” (774,1 million rubles).

Informed session on the case of bankruptcy “Kogalymavia” has been repeatedly postponed in connection with the attempts of the carrier to settle the dispute out of court. The company planned to cope with the financial difficulties that began after the plane crash of 31 October 2015, when her flight with 217 passengers and 7 crew members on Board crashed in Egypt. The Russian authorities have classified the incident as a terrorist attack, which was caused by the explosion of a bomb on Board the ship.

LLC “Airline “Kogalymavia” was founded in 1993. Originally specialized in air transport for oil and gas industry. In 2011 concentrated on Charter flights, in 2012, rebranded and was named Metrojet. According to system “SPARK-Interfax”, LLC “West aviation investment company” carrier owned by three natural persons: Turkish travel tycoon Hamit bagana Jankatu, Amirbek Gagaeva and Buvaysar Halidova.

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