The attackers mined the Moscow house where lives the chief Rabbi

Residents from three houses in the center of Moscow, one of which lives the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, the evening of February 13 was on the streets for explosives, was found during the overhaul of the roof.

photo: Leo Speransky

Builders who worked at the house №11 in the Tikhvin lane, was found under a roof covering two packs of cigarettes, and three cans of beer. Notable was the fact that the trademark no longer available. At the end of the day the men brought the trash with a “rare” finds and took on the next garbage can. However, their attention was drawn weight found packs and cans — they were clearly something stuffed. Roofers contacted the police, who arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers found packages in a strange white substance with protruding wires and elements similar to the detonator. The place was immediately summoned emergency services, and around 23: 00, the evacuation of the houses number 9, 11 and 13.

– I’m in a shirt and socks ran out. The exit from the yard was closed and had to Wade through the drifts, almost on their bellies to the store where I stayed until half two in the morning, – said a local resident.

It was among the evacuated people, the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar or one of his numerous family, is unknown. By the way, a religious figure is vosmikomnatny apartment with an area of about 300 sq. m.

While bomb experts worked with “mined” trash, on the roof stood the cynologist with a dog that found another old pack. The experts have seized all findings and sent for examination. According to some reports, the roof was hidden just under a kilogram of TNT. As reported by “MK” a source in law enforcement bodies, workers had found hiding places, most likely made many years ago. Meanwhile, an employee of the management company denied this version.

– Repair of roofs (all three adjoining houses and their roofs are reported) is often, contractors have changed, the roof was raised several times and moved regularly to clean the snow, it is known that some tenants had keys. Caches there could be organized by anyone, the man explained.

Strogili remembered that unusual finds are made here not for the first time. In 1991 the house was on fire. When the flame was extinguished, the roof was climbed by two operatives. During the inspection, they found in the roof of the treasure – chest of gold Imperial coins. All the wealth they handed over to the state and received 20 thousand rubles per person, which at the time was huge money.

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