“The cinema “pioneer” will appeal against a fine for “Sofa Stalin”

Cinema “pioneer” intends to appeal the decision of the magistrates court fined him 80 thousand rubles for a demonstration of the French movie “Stalin Sofa” without a distribution certificate.

“Film “Sofa Stalin,” directed by Fanny Ardant has been provided by the cinema “pioneer” of the French Embassy in Russia and was shown at the international film festival “is Finally in the cinema” (cinema is the corresponding certificate from the Embassy),” – said “Interfax” in the administration of the cinema on Wednesday.

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It noted that the screening of the film became part of the Franco-Russian year of language and literature, at the launch which was attended by Fanny Ardant, personally presented the painting to “Pioneer”.

“The world court did not consider the argument of the “Pioneer” that “Sofa Stalin” was shown at the international film festival, and the argument that the development of technology allows long been not to import movies in Russian Federation on physical media. “Pioneer” is planning to challenge the decision of the court of first instance”, – said the representative of the cinema.

Earlier media reported that the international court at the request of the Ministry of culture of Russia has fined the capital’s cinema “pioneer” on 80 thousand rubles for violation of the law on cinematography of the French film “the Sofa of Stalin” without a distribution certificate.

In January, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation adopted a decision revoking the license of another film about Stalin – the British film “Death of Stalin” by notifying the distributor of the picture – “Volgofarm”. However, as noted in the Ministry, some cinemas were the screenings of the picture. Among them was the “pioneer” cinema, which two days was shown.

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