The court found remove breast woman, man: children will not return

A resident of Ekaterinburg Julia Savinovskih, which in the summer took foster children due to the fact that she had surgery to remove the breast, the local court on 5 February recognized the man. According to the law same-sex marriage is prohibited in Russia, and Savinovskih husband could not be considered a family and raise foster children.


Resonant history, when mothers from Ekaterinburg Julia Savinovskih the guardianship seized two foster children with disabilities, in early February, was developed. Recall that the woman decided to remove the breast 7 size because it interfered with her sports and lead an active life. Bodies of guardianship and guardianship, this situation seemed suspicious. They checked the page of Julia in the social network and saw that the woman maintains a blog on behalf of transgender. After that the staff care descended in the family and seized the children. Julia immediately filed a lawsuit to the court, which demanded to cancel the decision of the guardianship, deprived of her right to raise foster children. September 21, Ordzhonikidze district court for one meeting adopted a decision on the legality of the removal of children from the family.

Savinovskih clearly outlined its position: the man she was going, and the breast cut off because of the inconvenience. The woman has three children, all she breast-fed. And when he realized that more children and feed the kids is not going to get the surgery. And a blog she kept, on behalf of the men because she found it fascinating. Julia has unfinished philological education, and she even could not think that her hobby can lead to such consequences. Now her foster kids are in rehab.

And in this case a new twist — on 5 February, the court found Savinovskih a man and her marriage — same-sex, which is contrary to Russian law.

The woman’s lawyer Alex Bashmakov has published on his page in Facebook clippings from documents. It follows that the decision of the court is sufficient grounds for release from duties of a guardian. According to the documents the woman is married to Sokov E. V. But the law in Russia banned same-sex marriage. Therefore, in such a family children grow up can not.

Savinovskih immediately explained that just will not give up and will appeal to reclaim adopted children.

Lawyer Julia said that her passport indicated female gender, and no changes in the documents, which would be written that she is a person of the male sex, Savinovskih not made. He added that he intends to bring the matter to the European Court of human rights.

The situation was commented by the consultant in family law, lawyer Sergey Usachev.

A guardianship may remove foster children only if the mother or the sick, or the kids got sick with some disease they’ve never had. For example, the foster mother have infected them. For the removal of children from bodies of guardianship and guardianship should be available, where the reason of weaning children.

According to Usachev, the guardianship can not take the child, for example, if the home is dirty or dusty. In this case, they recommend the mother to clean. Officers then conducted a re-review. But it is not a basis for withdrawal.

– The fact that she had been blogging on behalf of transgender it is a private matter. As long as she wasn’t attracted to their children. As far as I know, there are the children never attended. I think there is a guardianship want to be safe, since the case has received public attention. The chances of women to get children back there.

According to the lawyer, this is a very strange decision that the court found Savinovskih man. She have to confirm it, they say, but I am now a man and changed gender. But, according to the case, Julia denies this, and says he never wanted to be a man.

Must be some documents stating that she — male in the appropriate column. A marriage certificate should be considered invalid. But no such documents. If you are a donkey recognize tomorrow — you will become a donkey? Of course not. She actually can sue them for libel.

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