The developer of the An-148 has responded to the conclusions of the IAC: there were two similar case

“MK” was able to contact their sources in the Ukrainian Antonov design Bureau in Kiev – the developers of the An-148 and to the comment about first data decryption parametric recorder, which crashed in the suburbs of the An-148 “the Saratov airlines”. According to the investigation Commission of the Interstate aviation Committee, a factor in the development of a special situation on Board could be incorrect information on airspeed due to icing of the sensors – indicating the speed of the aircraft.

Here what about this “MK” was told by one of its developers:

– We have brought official information of the IAC that the crashed An-148 has not been included heated receivers of air pressure. But if it is not enabled, the speed sensor shows correctly. There are receivers of static and total pressure. They are very small diameters. And if something got something, for example rain drops, which then freeze, then problems can occur.

On this plane in the history of its missions were two cases with these sensors. The one about which you wrote – with pilots from Myanmar, then still in Voronezh. The results of all trials we introduced in the manual of the An-148 some limitations.

In particular, the pitch in a dive should not exceed, if I remember correctly, 15 degrees. This is necessary in order to extra reduce the pilots were not speeding. And crashed in the suburbs of the An-148 – as mentioned in the IAC investigation – the pitch was 30 degrees (!). It turns out the pilots had to see what they have going on, to dramatically take the wheel itself and withdraw the plane from this dive. It turns out that the crew had not complied with the instruction.

Here at all had several violations.

First, as I said, not turned on the heat receivers air pressure (LDPE). Include it had the right pilot. It includes a lot of things manually. There is a system that dictates what is included. Moreover, the heated LDPE is enabled regardless of the weather conditions. Without this it is impossible to take off. It’s like not to start the engine. And how could you not notice that it is not enabled, if it lights up?

If El and PVD were not included, and the performance speed was wrong. Moreover, the pilots took off and went on autopilot. He began to track the speed, and the speed is wrong. And they began to accelerate. Went to settings, rapid acceleration, well, then it went uncontrollable situation…

Still, I would like to highlight: too early to blame the pilots, not yet studied all the data and facts. Although it is already clear that all of this kind of situation the crew definitely need to work out at the gym. Kiev has a good, full simulator for An-148. In Russia it is also made whether in Voronezh, whether in St. Petersburg. We helped him to do. All particularly difficult situation on the brink of disaster, the pilots had to work only on the simulator. On a flying plane is dangerous work. Now, I think we must carefully to see whether the crew of the crashed plane that opportunity.

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