“The Hermitage will set the tree in the courtyard with rocks instead of rubber Mickey mouse

The Hermitage will be placed in the courtyard of the Winter Palace tree with stones instead of statues of Mickey mouse, said the Director of the Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky.

“Among the different options discussed. This is not a monument to Mickey mouse – I must say that this is a wonderful sculpture of a very famous sculptor who uses the image of Mickey mouse. He is not worse than other images that are used for monuments, including historical characters. But we chose the tree,” – said Mikhail Piotrovsky, at a press conference in “Interfax”.

“Every year in the courtyard of the Hermitage, we placed one object of contemporary art. This year it will be the work of Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone “Ideas of stone – 1372 kg light”. There will be a tree, and it rocks. We are very worried, won’t the stones to fall, and how to make them was not climbing visitors, but I think it will do” – said the Director of the Hermitage.

Earlier, the press service of the Hermitage has informed that in the framework of the project “Sculpture in the courtyard” at the walls of the Winter Palace plan to install a sculpture of the “Last days” of the American artist Brian Donnelly, known under the pseudonym KAWS. Large-scale sculpture uses the image of Mickey mouse and is made of black rubber.

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