“The pilots of An-148 just forgot to turn the receivers”: the expert has made shocking conclusion

The plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines” could crash due to icing of the receivers of full pressure (PPD). The system of heating was simply turned off. As a result, the indicators of the pilots reflected incorrect information on airspeed, which led to disaster. This version of the MAC still considers a priority. About how could happen on Board, we talked with the honored pilot of Russia. He blames the pilots of An-148.

photo: Vladimir Bashkirov

Our interlocutor – former flight Director “Vnukovo airlines”, member of the Commission under the President of Russia on development of General aviation Yury Sytnik.

– The pilots forgot to turn on the receivers total pressure. Decrypting the data according to the parametric recorder, before flight, they included PPD and the flight Orsk – no, – said Yuri Mikhailovich. – When at a height of one thousand meters went first failure, they became agitated, he realized that they had a sync speed readings. On autopilot scored another 2 thousand meters. The scoreboard lit up: “Check the speed”.

They disconnected the autopilot, switched to manual control. On – pitch 30 degrees down, they broke up speed to 800 km per hour and entered the land. According to the transcript, a few seconds, the pilots managed to pull the wheel itself, but the inertia was such that the plane hit the ground and exploded.

– As the receivers total pressure affect the plane?

Sensors PPD is part of the onboard system of air signals (SHS), which forms the indications of the pointer speed, variometer and altimeter. Through the sensors of angular velocity signal is formed at the control plane. To avoid icing of PPD at a low temperature, they are equipped with electric heating device. Aboard, following from Moscow to Orsk, clogged with ice the inputs of the equipment did not allow to correctly measure the air velocity. Lit up the scoreboard. The crew just had to include PPD, after 30-40 seconds they’d warmed up, and their work would be restored. But the pilots did not.

How do you turn on the receivers for the pressure?

Is two toggle switches on the top panel. According to the checklist, the pilots had to turn them on before flight. In this case, it turned out that they had not complied with the checklist. No interaction between crew members was not. They broke technology interaction. The result has been such a disaster.

– Why on Board is not a voice command, when the two toggle switch is not included?

– If every toggle switch to put the light Board, it will weight the plane. They burned the Board: “Check the speed”. Had to check, and PPD included?

Receivers total pressure could be faulty?

– No, there are two channels. When the PDP is faulty, lights up a very bright light in the scoreboard, it hits right in the eyes.

– When the pilots realized that the situation is hopeless?

When crossed the altitude of 500-600 meters. Speed was 800 kilometers per hour, the rudder was not enough to bring the aircraft. The pilots realized that it was already the default. Now decode data voice recorder, it is in working condition, and we will hear: “pull, Pull, *****”, in other words we do not hear.

– If you determine that the crash occurred due to pilot error, their families will pay the required compensation?

All will pay, they were insured. The task of the Commission, which is leading the investigation, not to punish perpetrators, and to do everything possible so that other crews have made similar errors.

I don’t know how you can prevent such a situation… I just don’t fit in the head. The commander of the ship was the 51, its a RAID — 5 thousand hours. Such plaque the pilot must have in 28 years, with a maximum of 29. I want to ask the heads of Federal air transport Agency: “You have to give pilot’s certificate? You as the cook airline?”As a member of the Commission under the President of Russia on development of aviation in the near future I intend to raise these issues.

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