“The Russian stage of the world biathlon Cup upheld

– The international biathlon Union (IBU) reported about the decision of the Executive Committee of the organization to leave the international biathlon competitions according to the planned calendar.

So, at the meeting of the 134-th IBU Executive Board decided to leave the world Cup in Tyumen and the stages of the IBU Cup in Uvat and Khanty-Mansiysk.

The world Cup in Tyumen will be held from 22 to 25 March, the IBU cups in Uvat and Khanty-Mansiysk – March 10-11, and 14-17, respectively.

Sport10 Dec 2017Международный biathlon Union have restricted rights of the Russian biathlon Union to Rosiekitty read more

In December last year, IBU was partially limited the rights of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU).

It was reported that

The IBU Executive Board will consider restoring full membership of SBR until the end of season 2017/2018 subject to the following conditions: the withdrawal of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspension from the Olympic Committee of Russia, no new violations of doping rules by Russian athletes since 1 January this year, the full cooperation of the SBR in case of detection of any anti-doping rule violations, as well as on the possible participation of Russian sports officials in the manipulation of doping samples, described by the IOC under the leadership of Samuel Schmid.

The IBU Executive Board may also extend the lowering of the status of SBR, if it considers the conditions unfulfilled.

The statement explained that this decision was taken due to the fact that the IOC has recognized three Russian biathletes have violated anti-doping rules were also suspicions concerning a large number of other Russian biathletes.

The IBU Executive Board also agreed with the decision of the IOC, adopted December 5, about the performance of Russian athletes at the Olympics under the Olympic flag and “agreed to implement it in time.” It is noted that the IBU had “decided to restore the working group and add the external expertise”, apparently pertaining to possible violations of doping rules by Russian athletes.

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