“The staff doesn’t understand English,” the fans told about the atmosphere Phenchhana-2018

30 years ago in calgary under the Soviet flag among athletes, in 2018 in Pyeongchang — without a flag amongst the fans: champion of the USSR in ski jumping Eduard Suboch says “MK” on the difference of feelings about the atmosphere in Games is the fourth place of the jumper from a springboard Irina Avvakumova about the readiness of the hockey team of Russia for the tournament.

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On figure skating, our team was welcomed warmly.

Edward, exactly 30 years ago, on 13 February, opened the Olympics in calgary in which you have participated in ski jumping. Now you are in Korea as a fan. What is the difference of sensations?

— The feeling has not changed. There is pride for the country, then the USSR, now Russia. Like weather, the cold and the wind, the stadium full of fans, the atmosphere of celebration of sports and your personal happiness. Then the parade during the opening went, and athletes, and guests. Remember, turn around on the building, and next to me is Gennady Khazanov and joking non-stop. All at once, the mood rises, and the frost has not felt. Singer Katya Semenova also were present with us at the stadium and in the evenings sang to the guitar songs of our native Russian. And the connection with the cosmos! It was something! Then in orbit was Musa Manarov, cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union. His words of support we heard in the big meeting room, where gathered the whole team. As a result, we had 11 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze medals and first place in the overall standings. It was the last “winter” speech under the flag of the USSR… And now, 30 years later, I’m already on the podium with the audience inside, I’m there with the athletes.

— From the point of view of a fan, what do you think about the Olympic atmosphere?

— The atmosphere is wonderful! We visited many competitions, including the opening of the Games. Was on the figure skating, biathlon, ski jumping, women’s hockey.

— Weather does not spoil the mood?

— Cold, Yes, but it’s not so bad. It’s really windy! I’m such a strong and, most importantly, the constant wind anywhere in the world not seen. And I have traveled the world a lot. Somehow going on the bus, and the driver warns that now there will be strong gusts of wind, be prepared. The bus stopped, the driver tried to open the door for some reason, and could not imagine! Such a strong gust of wind that kept the door. Here forward, will be at least one here windless day?

photo: AP
Russian fans in Korea a lot.

— The wind in contest jumpers jumping somehow affected?

— At the stadium the wind was not felt, there is protection from three sides. By the way, I’ve never seen that, usually, in Europe, for example, on the one hand defense put. But when we went to eat, looked out the window there, a few meters from the jumps, there was a strong wind that the trees were lying! If not for the windscreen, about competitions on jumps could be forgotten before the end of the Olympics. But, even with this protection, we are very cold. Maybe that’s why the stadium was half empty? Compared to Europe, people had little. Probably, the organizers have assumed that because the power point the whole stadium was only one. Can you imagine what the line was too long? To warm wanted. And the toilet made a lot. Only if people don’t eat or drink, they don’t go there. (Laughs.)

— What do you think, could Irina avvakumova to hold on to a medal or a fourth place is already a fairy tale?

— Could, because ski jumping is not always predictable. Someone will blow a jump, and there are failures from leaders. But Monday, the women all went to plan. Here is how they finished (the first Norwegian Maren Lundby, the second — German Katharina Althaus and third Japanese Sara Takanashi), so they season and are stable. I spoke to Irina after the competition, the mood she’s good, and then it’s the best result in the women’s jumps in history. Why not be happy?

— How are Russians as foreigners?

— You know, all very friendly. Especially in figure skating, it felt. The hall is very well received all skaters, including our own. All elements reacted violently, no negativity, whistling, mooing. Figure skating I could not miss because Alexander Zhulin, coach of our dance Duo Bobrova and Solovyov, my friend and godfather, and his daughter Katyusha — my goddaughter. Communicated with Katya and Dima after the competition, they are very happy with silver as the whole team. Now they are quietly, without nerves getting ready for the next performances.

photo: From personal archive
Eduard Suboch along with the men’s team of Russia on hockey rooting for the Russian hockey players.

— The Russian fans a lot in Korea?

— Very much! Cheer loudly and in unison. In the figure skating comes to me a boy of eleven. It is possible, says near you to sit down? Sat, talking. Name is Ivan, it turns out, his dad is a diplomat and he asked for the competition it brought. And he’s been great, came with a flag! The whole day with us figure skating held, was sick.

— In the Russian House of fans was? Or as it is called now — the Home of sports?

— Yes, of course. There’s fine. Come athletes, all having fun. Is there a kind of historical exhibition: all about the history of the Olympics, the history of all sports. Historical hockey sweaters, hockey sticks, skates. Sofas and cushions lying around to be able to watch competitions on TV. Always worth a samovar and pancakes, for foreigners — exotic.

Foreigners are also allowed?

— Yeah! With us once asked the German. It turned out the journalist. Well, before his conduct in the House of sport, ask: do you mean us good writer? Or abuse? He claps eyes: said, I’m neutral. It is, of course, missed, didn’t even ask who and where.

— Organization, food, like everything?

— Looks fine to me. Then the food, and Korean, Japanese, and European. It was funny yesterday. Come to eat and the staff does not understand English. The girl tried to slip me the phone to program from English to Korean translated. Fail. Well, that came a family of Koreans who speak some English, helped. I ask: is there soup? The soup turns out to be possible, only if you order meat to it. And I don’t want meat! But what to do, I had to take. Bring a piece of raw meat. Look at him. What to do with it? And on each table burning coals, and that meat is necessary to them to fry. Explain to them that you can’t. Nothing they say now will send the waiter. And she so cleverly I this meat is shredded, fried directly on the table. They have interesting cuisine.

— You duty communicate a lot with players. February 14 kicks off the Olympic hockey tournament. As the mood of the guys?

We the men’s team went to cheer for the girls of our hockey players when they played against Canada. The mood is great, no problems.

Olympics 2018. Chronicle of events

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