Virtually impossible: the expert criticized the official version of wreck of An-148

Version of the Interstate aviation Committee that the crash of An-148 on Sunday afternoon in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region was triggered by incorrect data about the speed due to icing of the sensors, are groundless, experts believe the “MK”. Thus, according to the ex-pilot of the Il-96 Sergei Knyshov on all aircraft, there are backup indexes of speed and trigger the crash for this reason is almost impossible.

Photo: Vladislav Bashkirov

We will remind that on Tuesday, February 13, experts the POPPY have shared the first hypotheses regarding the reasons for the collapse of the liner. So, according to the results of the preliminary analysis of decoding of the data flight recorder, during a short airplane flight Parking all three PPD (acceptance of total pressure) was kept in the off state.

“Factor in the development of the situation make it worse in flight could be incorrect information on airspeed indicators on the pilots, which in turn was apparently due to icing PPD when in the off state of the heating systems”, – stated in the official document MAC.

I can’t imagine that such a thing is possible, explained Knyshov. – In all manuals of flight operation says that with icing (when the outside air is five degrees and below) El PPD included the second pilot five minutes before takeoff. Without icing for 1-2 minutes. Yes, indeed a day when the crashed plane, was all icing conditions – low temperature, wet snow. Even assuming that for some reason Parking is not included at this stage, there is a pre – start- when the plane is almost ready to take off and the captain again recalled the heated. Again, even if the rise of these actions are not met, the Central Board indicates this, Recalling that a plane is not ready. Takeoff is likely to remain heated without PPD, it is impossible – it is automatically activated after the pilots of retractable landing gear.

Also, according to the pilot, even if the flight speed is different, in the plane there are backup devices that the pilot can switch to.

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