Grigory Rodchenkov was supported by the Russian athletes

However, we are not talking about the infamous Director of the anti-doping center, but its namesake. 28-year-old Muscovite for two years is forced to make excuses for the main enemy of the Russian athletes.

“Fake” Grigory Rodchenkov.

As told “MK” Grigory, he to the professional sports industry has nothing a young person is engaged in the hookah business, but conducts an active way of life. To jokes friends (“How is it, Gregory?! Let the whole team!”) he relates with humor and attention to his person considers just a good coincidence. Especially the aggression towards the present Rodchenkova on Gregory while no one vents, and the law enforcement agencies to name the men not be picky.

When I flew to the US, then joked that if something goes wrong, I know approximately where to go, — says Gregory. — Open up with Gregory by Rodchenkova village Grigoriev Rodchenkova… I just surfed in San Diego, which is not very far from Los Angeles, where he is supposedly hiding. Actually, I read a lot about him and about the tragedy he created. Friends constantly send me links to these stories. His action is not very beautiful, but perhaps someone had pressed. He is now hiding, looking for him, and so he is always in fear. I think it’s a state of freedom is impossible to recoup any money. Probably will help him plastic surgery. But to give him exactly useless, too dark trail he left — “destroyed” two Olympics. Although, by and large, for us it is also even black, but PR.

Gregory himself Olympics in Pyeongchang looks and guys supports, as it believes that no matter the banner under which the Russian team will perform. Most importantly — the athletes to show themselves, because preparing all his life.

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