Hockey team of Russia lost to Slovakia at the start of the Olympics

At the Olympics the 2018 tournament started among men’s hockey teams. Team Russia in the opening game met with a team from Slovakia, and to the surprise of many lost. The team of Oleg snarky lost with the score 2:3.

photo: AP

Russians started great. Already the 5-th minute of the meeting they conducted with the account 2:0. In goals scored Nikolai Proportin and Cyril Whims. However, after that, the Russian team relaxed, which resulted in two missed goals late in the first period. Slovakia have scored Peter Olveczky and Martin BAKOS.

In the second frame, the audience abandoned washers have not seen, but in the third one, the goal is still there. Alas – capitulated again Vasily Koshechkin. Peter Keresnek made the score 3:2 in favor of the Slovak team, and further, the Russians attempted to fight back were in vain. Note that once again the team of Oleg Znarka not able to realize any attempt of the majority.

Their next match the Russian team will hold on February 16, against Slovenia. The future rival of the Russians today, in turn, defeated USA in overtime with the score 3:2.

“MK” conducted live online broadcast of the match Russia – Slovakia.

Olympics 2018. Chronicle of events

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