IOC’s love is not a hindrance: married freestyler Orderlies and skeletonwitch Potylitsyna

Their love story worthy of a Hollywood adaptation. The couple met long ago. They live in Krasnoyarsk and train at the Academy of winter sports in Krasnoyarsk region, although Simon was born in Primorsky Krai. First copied on the Internet, was friends with mutual friends. The lives of professional athletes are subordinated to a strict schedule in which there is hardly a place for romance. But when the Orderlies and Potylitsyna met at a training camp in Moscow a year ago, not to notice each other it was impossible


Offer hands and hearts Simon did Olga on the New year with family, but the wedding date has not been determined: in the Olympic season free time the athletes are almost there. And yet the solution was found special — a very symbolic and memorable. Simon knew that in 2014, precisely on February 14, Olga played at the Olympic games in Sochi and was very upset because it took only the fifth place. Since then, this day was sad for her. “I decided to make him happy,” admitted Orderlies. So the couple planned to get married on this day. More precisely, we decided at the last moment, February 12.

As Simon says, it dawned on me: why not get married on the island. Here, the freestyler is the pre-Olympic gathering, and tomorrow will go to the Olympics in South Korea. Olga in this sense, was less fortunate. The first Russian winner of the world Cup skeleton has been barred for life by the International Olympic Committee from participating in the Olympic games, later the Sports arbitration court in Lausanne upheld her appeal, but an invitation from the IOC to the Olympics, the athlete is still not received. But the sanctions of love not a hindrance. Simon bought her ticket, and she immediately flew him to the far East, and then all do, and it was like magic. As told Olga and wedding dress and the groom’s suit, and jewelry was purchased on the spot events on Sakhalin. The regional authorities helped with the organisation and conduct of the ceremony.

“We were told that Sakhalin is an island of love. Come here to get married and to get married. And we are very happy to have signed here. Tired of the bad news: athletes are not allowed, neutral status. Maybe we can bring some joy, and the mood of our team will rise,” — says Olga Potylitsina. Here’s a Valentine’s Day turned out to have a couple athletes!

Guests and support group the newlyweds were members of the Russian Olympic team ski cross: Rizik Sergei, Egor Korotkov, Igor Omelin, Kirill Gladkov, Anastasia Chirtsova, Victoria Zavadovskaja.

At the same time, according to Menshikova, no violation of the sport mode will not. Simon got married already and continues to train, and Olga will soon go home and support her husband in Krasnoyarsk. To celebrate the wedding of Potylitsina and Orderlies will be able only after the return of the Seeds.

Still, a few bright pictures and videos from the wedding still hit the Internet, including the official account and Potylitsyna Menshikova in sotssetyah.

“Guys added adrenaline” — said present at the marriage ceremony, the coach of the Russian national ski-cross. «We. 14.02.18″, signed wedding photo on his page in Instagram Olga Potylitsina.

With the long-awaited happy event the young family was congratulated by many well-known athletes and artists.

«Hurrah!!!!! Olechka!!!! Congratulations to you! Happiness and love are endless!!!”—commented a photo of Potylitsyna two-time Olympic champion in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar.

“What a surprise!? Hurrah. Greetings!”—is echoed by the wife of the figure skater Maxim Trankov. «Congratulate.» Strong love wished the newlyweds the wife of Anton Shipulin Louise, famous biathlete Svetlana Sleptsova, actress and singer Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and many others.

Soon Potylitsina is going to take her husband’s name and also become Denisovoj.

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