“Management commitment strained”: the witnesses in the case Maksimenko testified in court

In custody the former head of the Department SK of the Russian Federation for the Central DISTRICT of Moscow Alexey Kramarenko 14 Feb acted as the witness on process on the case of the head of USB of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, who is accused of receiving bribes in 500 thousand dollars for the release of criminal authority of Andrey Kichukova nicknamed the Italian. Besides him, was interrogated by three investigators. They all insisted that they acted according to the law, but relied on the opinion of the management.

Photo: Investigative Committee.

So, 34-the summer investigator of GSU SK across Moscow Igor Fedutinov told that he, independently and without instructions from above highlighted the case against Andrew Kichukova and his colleague Eduard Romanov in a separate proceeding.

– After the allocation of a maximum of one day in my production, he said.

Then the materials at the end of March 2016 it was taken from him and transferred to the Investigative Committee for the Central DISTRICT, which was led by Alexey Kramarenko (currently he is in jail and is accused of receiving a bribe from the leader of the underworld Shakro Young — approx. «MK.)»

Witness Fedutinov this metamorphosis with the transfer of the case explained simply – “it is possible that this was due to the redistribution of load”. Just as well said and a previous witness at the last meeting, a former investigator Andrei Suprunenko.

At that time my production was five cases – said Fedutinov.

He explained that the issue of requalification of the charges Kichukova and Romanov with the article of the criminal code “Hooliganism” article “Arbitrariness” was raised at the workshops with the participation of Deputy head of the capital of SK, Denis Nikandrov. But the latter is not particularly interested in this case, claimed the witness.

Second, ex-investigator 37-year-old Alexander Khurtsilava stated that in may 2016 at the meeting Denis Nikandrov categorically instructed him to reclassify the case on the article “Arbitrariness” and quickly conclude the investigation.

– I’ve studied the case and painted his investigator Andrey Bychkov. He reclassified and presented a new charge Kichukova and Romanov, said the witness.

He remembered that in may 2016 Kramarenko made a report to the leadership, saying that the defendants are willing to plead guilty and to cooperate with the investigation, so they can change the measure of restraint.

The Prosecutor said that earlier Khurtsilava asserted that [forced Bychkov released Kichukova and Romanov.

But the main “presenter” at this meeting, was the former head of the Investigative Department for the Central district of the capital of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow 45-summer Alexey Kramarenko. The testimony of a man of a sports Constitution gave of cells – the “aquarium”. He said that at the end of March 2016, he was summoned to GSU.

– Nikandrov asked to complete the investigation in a short time, to reclassify the charge Kauchukov. Pay attention to the measure. I called his Deputy to Khurtsilava, and asked him to choose the less loaded of the investigator, – said Kramarenko.

[He was assured that Kauchukov and Romanov pleaded guilty and will cooperate with the investigation. However, those in the result, refused to testify against himself, said Kramarenko. He reported to superiors that are unlikely to affect the measure. What Nikandrov said to him, “Let it go. Try to finish the investigation until 15 June 2016 and to make a decision on the measure of restraint”.

Then Kramarenko went on vacation. And supposedly did not know what had become crime bosses.

At the same time Kramarenko noted that he was surprised that the material was first taken out of his control, but then returned.

– Activity on the part of GSU SK in this case is a little strained us – recalled the witness. – We have mostly been crimes, murders practically was not engaged, – said Kramarenko.

In the speech of the witness’s name came up entrepreneur-developer Dmitry Smickovska.

– Smychkovski quite strange type, a fraud. I went with the gun. The high-flying businessman. However, near Maksimenko I have not seen him.

– Smychkovski came to me at work and said that there is an indication from the management on the restructuring of the accusations, revealed a secret result of pressure to the witness.

Kramarenko has stated categorically that his actions were not selfish interest. Despite the fact that Nikandrov previously argued that witness a lot of real estate for which you have to pay more taxes.

– I have an apartment in the center of Moscow, inherited from her grandmother, where I live with my wife and children, – says the witness.

The former investigator also noted that Mikhail Maksimenko never tried to take interest in the fate of the criminal case Kochanova. “I never called for this reason”.

The last made former subordinate Kramarenko – a 37-year-old investigator Andrey Bychkov. Immediately declared that does not remember the circumstances of the case. Asked to disclose his evidence, given another result. But he was denied. However, his interrogation is still nothing good came of it – a man unexpectedly failed memory.

– I did not release Kichukova and Romanov, their business by that time was already in production for internal Affairs, – and could only recall the Bulls.

According to him, pressure from his superiors it was not.

The job of the investigator to fulfill the instruction manual. I believe that everything was done legally, summed up the Bulls.

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