OCD explained the “mistake” of the IOC with the failure to invite the Russians sports principle

The morning of February 14 began with the reasoning of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) on appeal of Russian athletes who are not admitted to the Olympics. Among other things, was said about the skeleton Sergei Gryaznova and sportsman Dmitry Popov, which the international Olympic Committee (IOC) is allegedly not invited for the Games in 2018 by mistake. In the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) denied this information, calling the incident a sports principle.

photo: AP

On the opening day of the Olympics court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected an appeal 45 Russian athletes and two coaches, which was not invited to the Games. Everyone was waiting for the reasoning part, but no one expected that it will contain information about the mistake made by the international Olympic Committee (IOC), allegedly not inviting Sergei Gryaznova (skeleton) and Dmitry Popov (bobsleigh).

According to reports of the court, the IOC has approved their participation in the Olympics, but in the final list for some reason was not, the reasons for this are unknown.The Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) is not left out this incident and also commented on it.

“The IOC has approved the application Gryaznova and Popov but they were not included in the final application due to a sports principle. They have not complied with regulations and was agreed with the national federations”, – TASS quoted the head of the information service of the ROC Konstantin Vybornov.


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