Pyeongchang 2018: why Russia lost to Slovakia at the start of the Olympic tournament

I used the nickname, which decided to award our hockey team by analogy with Soviet times, Viktor Tikhonov (say, by the way, the master of such a comparison in turn with the baseball team “Cincinnati Reds” dominated in the 70s, not pleased), seemed artificial. However, what would savvy marketers played

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Now is absolutely clear: ice team under the direction of Oleg Znarka, even if you miraculously win in the end at the Olympics, in my life will be all-destroying the rink for Pyeongchang in the style of the national team of the USSR.

In fact, the fairy tale lasted a very short time – some 5 minutes. Olympic starting 5 minutes of the match against Slovakia, during which Gavrikov and Whims twice struck the gate of the national team with white-blue-red flag.

Someone, probably an inexperienced observer at this point, even thought, here it is, “the Red machine” is back!

But then the Slovaks settled and before the end of the first period broke a goalie Koshechkin twice equalized. And in the third 20-minute managed to do what the team Znarka expected failed: their numerical advantage.

3:2 in favor of Slovakia and comfort may perhaps the information that the Americans by the same score (albeit in overtime) lost in our group, Slovenia.

A main conclusion – it was obvious to me even before the start of the hockey tournament. No Olympic gold medals to the Russian team, even though we all somehow believe is definitely favorite, just like that on his neck did not hang.

Most teams in Pyeongchang, the same strong guys from different leagues (including, by the way, from our Continental, you know, hockey), they will fight desperately.

Yes, it’s not star, but stars because there we have: they are all there, the ocean, what could make sure finally even devout believers in the “Red car”. And Yes, I hope I didn’t offend with this note of their feelings…

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