The top three from a sex shop: I prefer Muscovites on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is not only about cards and flowers, but also an occasion to diversify the sexual life. Traditionally, this holiday makes cash all the sex shops. According to various Internet shops intimate goods, the demand for their products during a few days before the holidays in previous years increased by 30%. “MK” has been calling the capital’s sex shops and found out what a delight Muscovites prefer to mate on February 14.


In fact, the first institution for adults, we have confirmed that since Monday, the number bought all the goods of love has increased significantly.

Girls usually try to choose something romantic, – told us the Manager Alina. – Perfume, some lingerie with bare areas or costumes for role-playing games. Can take special perfume. In the end, they purchased more, but somehow modest, including the amounts.

Men, according to her, the more brave. They choose among goods and whips and latex suits, and massagers for intimate areas and fitness equipment for the muscles.

Young people do not hesitate in your choice, – told “MK” in another store of sex products. Classic goods like normal dildos have faded into the background. For the holiday we are trying to offer something unusual- especially realistic vibrators, massagers in the form of flowers or hearts. In the first place for the second year holding a butt plug. This year popular option with jewelry.

Special expense — BDSM-paraphernalia. The sale boosts the output is already the third film of a series about the “50 shades”. Interestingly, women and men, coming for the same, looking for totally different sensations.

Girls want to be like the heroine of the film – told the seller Victoria in another store. One recently came, even each film was shown with handcuffs. You know, it’s that transformation — at least for one night to imagine yourself not an accountant Zina in the office, but the heroine here is a romantic story. For men, it’s a chance to try something new, try to persuade a girlfriend to experiment. And such courage show men aged 30+. The youth blushes.

By the way, psychologists say that on February 14, couples are more comfortable to admit to each other in a candid desires and fantasies.

If to speak about the intimate life, unconsciously, this day is perceived as a “no rules”, – told “MK” psychologist Anastasia Alexandrova. – That is a partner rather offended if this day will be ordinary and humdrum. It gives a psychological safety net in case of failure: I decided to try with the girl “harder”, but it turned out that the partner is not ready. Then after it will be easier to continue the relationship, the girl is unlikely to be considered a partner is a pervert, she was ready for variety.

The story of the discovery in England of a brothel with robots has spurred the imagination of Russian men. As it turned out, there were young people willing to prefer electronic woman traditional inflatable.

Sometimes come to us and ask if something like this continues Victoria. But alas, personally, we have in stock, a robotic doll, no. You know that you can order a doll online, but the price can reach up to 500 thousand.

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