The cradle of basketball is preparing a “Match of stars”: will meet Russia and the rest of the world

Saturday, February 17 in St. Petersburg will be the second in the history of the all-star game basketball United League. The main characters of the game chosen by the fans, the tournament representatives and journalists, including “MK”. A year ago at the Olympic Palace “Big” Stars of Russia won the team of foreign players, is somehow now in St. Petersburg, which without exaggeration is considered the cradle of Russian basketball? On the side of the Russians – head coach Vasily Karasev, he will lead the team at home. His counterpart, the Serbian coach Sasha Obradovic. It will be hot.

Players with Russian passports earned the applause of residents. Photo: vtb-league

The President of the United League Sergey Kushchenko promises to surprise fans.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of such a show-matches is the lack of real wrestling, game result. The format of the match “Russia vs. Rest of the world” allows you to compensate for this moment, gives extra motivation to the participants and fans?

– We had a small concern on this score in the past year, but it is absolutely not justified. Was great and competitive basketball atmosphere. All came to enjoy the game. But the essence of any game is to win. Therefore, the match was spectacular, and interesting from a sporting point of view. It was a struggle, different emotions, a well-deserved victory. I think that a number of players who were part of the “world team”, want to take revenge. Yes, in fact “Match of stars” – it’s a friendly game. But it is attended by artists of such a high level, elite athletes who have no problems with motivation. Don’t forget that in the NBA that really is the problem with wrestling in the “Match of stars”, playing 82 matches of the regular season. There is, of course, taste and emotions are blunted.

– Basketball today is part of the youth subculture, and the organizers of the “match of stars” of the League take into account the interests of this audience, inviting as music stars show popular Russian rap artists. You as a man raised on rock ‘ n ‘ roll and hard rock, it can’t be easy to put up with it…

– I have in my personal playlist, there are these popular among young people, talented artists. They make high-quality contemporary music. We are all very responsible to approach this question is – as the basketball will sound. And Yes, one criterion – only good music can sound in our games. And we even have a small educational mission, introducing our young audience to the classics of rock. We have Deep Purple playing the games, and Pink Floyd. This is something that is always true and clear to everyone. And the music and the lyrics.

– Interest in the upcoming “star game” warms up more and the current season of the League, as well as the success of the film about the legendary victory of basketball players of the Soviet Union at the Olympics-72 in Munich, right?

– Yes, it’s an amazing time for basketball, it is now much interest in it is growing. We see good momentum on sales of tickets in our clubs, and in January, just when the whole country went to a movie about basketball, observed the particular surge of interest in the game. There were several record results in sales of tickets for individual games of the regular season. By the way, the Russian team will play this year, jn,jh in Perm and Krasnodar, where the organizers also count on great interest of the audience.

– Few people remember that 20 years ago you, as the head of the club “Ural-great”, was part of one of the first Russian “Matches of stars”. The match in Perm gave a powerful impetus to the development and popularization of the game in the region and in the country. What are the similarities between the current and the holidays basketball? How useful was the first experience?

– Of course, since then, technology has leaped forward. What we can do now in the arena from the point of view of the show – this is another level. The number of screens, the lights, the sheer quality of equipment, sound and light… But our approach remains the same. We’re doing a show in the center of which basketball, and we do it to ourselves it was nice to watch. Of course, I still want to do something that nobody did before us. Try to surprise everyone on Saturday in St. Petersburg!

…After the victory over the “Lokomotiv-Kuban” in a calendar match of the regular championship KHL CSKA forward Andrey Vorontsevich is in a good mood. A year ago he was named the most valuable player (MVP) of the match in Sochi, you can try to repeat it.

– Thank you to everyone who voted for me. It’s nice, it’s an honor to play. Let it be a beautiful sight. I have no doubt that the organizers are preparing a great show. Peter is the cradle of basketball, the birthplace of Vladimir Kondrashin, the coach-champion of the Games in 1972, about the dramatic finale of the which thanks to the film learned so much by young and not only fans. We do not USA basketball popular with us, of course, not so much. But we feel the rise. The League is growing efficiently. I have no doubt that Peter, we will have a full house. These games – for good!

No competitive spirit? Yes you are! Win legionaries is our principal task. We did it in Sochi, but to defend is harder. But a friendly match background does not hurt. Let the strongest will win. I am very pleased with the trip to Krasnodar. Game real archrivals, “Loco” ill know how. Battle, intrigue. And here, I again to play against a team Obradovic!

…That the President of the Russian basketball Federation Andrei Kirilenko admitted in a conversation with “MK”, looking forward to this “match of stars”.

– Last year in Sochi showed that in Russia we can organize such events at the highest level. Very happy for the guys that will participate in the match. I really like the format – “Stars of Russia” against the “stars of the World”. And, of course, in addition to the game, it’s a wonderful platform for all managers, club owners, sponsors, players, coaches, referees, fans from different parts of the country could meet in the middle of the season, to discuss all the basketball questions, to communicate on any topic, and just have a good time.

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