The consequence named the reason of death of the girl in kindergarten

The result, thanks to timely initiated criminal cases, managed to reconstruct what happened in a kindergarten in Moscow, where during a walk has died girl. TFR also called a preliminary cause of death of the child.


Official representative SK of Russia Svetlana Petrenko published on Saturday 17 February new press release on the Agency’s website about the investigation of two criminal cases (causing death by negligence due to improper execution of professional responsibilities and negligence) for the death of three girls in a kindergarten in Moscow.

In a press release stressed that investigators carefully checked the information media about the fact that a child brought up just could forget on a walk and the girl died from the cold.

To establish a picture of what happened was experienced forensic medical experts who conducted forensic investigation and did not find the deceased girl’s signs of hypothermia. Were found, and traces of any injuries, bruises, and injuries.

Thus, at present the preliminary cause of death of the child is considered to be cardiac dysfunction.

Also found no objective confirmation of the facts that the child was forgotten on the street and he was there for a long time unattended.

“Walk of the children was carried out in compliance with the applicable regulations. After the girl had a seizure, she was immediately moved into the room, which was also attended by the nurse and all the staff awaited the arrival of the ambulance. While waiting for the child was provided first aid”, – emphasized in the Investigative Committee.

The criminal investigation continues and now the consequence finds out all the data on the health status of girls.

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