Found a way to charge your phone from the air

A device that allows you to obtain electricity directly from the atmosphere, was developed by experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology. The device works due to the daily temperature fluctuations and allows you to charge “from the air” smartphones, tablets, or other technical devices of this kind.


Design professionals, called “thermal cavity”, allegedly able throughout the year to support the work of a particular technology without having to charge it AC. According to scientists, it is suitable to provide power to satellites intended for remote sensing of the Earth. With a difference of 10 degrees Celsius between day and night temperature the device produces 1.3 milliwatts of energy.

Experts claim that invented charger “from scratch”, although his idea was in the air — people on the Ground, surrounded by unspoilt sources of energy, and the change of temperature depending on the time of day is a vivid example. At the same time, unlike solar panels, the new development can work successfully even in the shade or in cloudy weather. Thus, energy input is taken directly from the environment, however, practically does not depend on its whims.

About his invention, the scientists said in the publication Nature Communications.

In may last year, an inventor from Ufa Aidar Khairullin offered another way to charge the phone in the absence of access to electricity. A compact device that looks like a grill, allows you to convert thermal energy into electrical energy, and as a result, charging various technological devices from fire. For using this technology to charge the phone fully, it will require the same amount of time as with more “traditional” exercise.

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