Girls who consider sex shameful, do most of them “out of courtesy”

Various women treat sex differently — some consider it a private need, while others are inclined to believe that women should not strive for physical intimacy with men. Recently, the American scientist from Vanderbilt University came to a paradoxical, at first glance, the conclusion to “unwanted” sex often agree women who hold the second of the above approaches.


It may seem that women do not perceive sex as something out of the ordinary, are more likely to agree to intimacy with a man. However, the results of the survey, which was attended by 7255 people, according to the contrary — such women are less likely to agree to the proposal to engage in a sexual contact if not felt to this excessive willingness on their part. The study’s author Hensman Kettrey inclined to explain this by the fact that these girls are better aware of what they want, and it’s easier for them to refuse a situation if they are offered unsolicited sex.

At the same time, women suggesting that sex is necessary only to men, to a lesser extent, wonder what their own desires, because of what they might be easier to persuade to intimacy persuasion.

Psychologist believes that such results can be considered another proof of the importance of sexual education. The study was published in the journal Sexuality & Culture.

Last year the British universities of Glasgow and Southampton have come to the conclusion that women are two times more often than men, faced with the fact that for several months they have almost lost interest in sex. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that the fair sex for this is more reasons: for example, acts of sexual compulsion or depression can be common among both sexes, but the presence of young children and unpleasant memories about first sexual experience are more likely to be the cause of the loss of interest in sex in females.

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