A new version of wreck of An-148: “the Alarm didn’t go off”

Investigators on the case of wreck of plane An-148, which killed 71 people, will not stop at only one version of the uncoordinated actions of the crew. Anyway, they’ll have to test the hypothesis that the accident occurred including from-for design features of the aircraft. As we know, on Monday, the management of “Saratov airlines” has sent letters to the Federal air transport Agency and design Bureau “Antonov”. It lists in detail the features of the liner, which, according to the Directorate of the carrier, in aggregate, could lead to tragedy.

A frame from the video.

The Director of “the Saratov airlines” Alexey vahromeeva questioned on February 12, the day after the disaster. By the way, the head has flight experience in the discipline he is about a thousand people.

The investigation revealed that the deceased aircraft commander Valery Gubanov and the second pilot Sergey Gambaryan previously almost no overlap. No such thing as “crew a bunch of” in the company at all. The crew is formed depending on operational needs and flight schedules.

Besides, Gubanov flew only 58 hours as pilot-in-command — prior to that he flew as co-pilot. It turns out that the man who had so little experience of the crew, were in the same cabin with the second pilot Sergey Gambarana learned to fly only a year ago (before that he was a flight attendant). At the same time, neither one of them had no complaints neither from the doctors nor from HR, check the documents on education.

About Gambarana “MK” already repeatedly wrote, and Gubanov trained in flight training in experimental design Bureau “Antonov” in Ukraine.

In addition to diplomas and certificates, the investigators had to examine the data on simulator training of the crew, as not all emergency situation is possible accurately to work out during a practice flight on this plane.

There are two training center, licensed by the Federal air transport Agency in Moscow on the basis of company “S7” in Saint-Petersburg University of civil aviation. Pilots “Saratov airlines” studied at the last. According to the rules they need to be engaged on special simulators for at least 16 hours per year (this is in addition to the theoretical classes). The dead pilots, the norm was fulfilled, and Gubanova in documents appear even more hours. It is not clear yet worked out whether the pilots of the situation that led to the collapse, namely the occurrence of different speed readings on the instruments, commander and co-pilot.

In addition to the already collected evidence of guilt of the pilots, the investigation will also examine the condition of the fleet. We already know that planes An-148 “Saratov airlines” have started to buy since the end of December 2016. Just purchased six of the aircraft. When you purchase the company’s leadership came primarily from price: An — this is the most decent offer, if we take the ratio price-quality. On Western models, was not even considered. In the Park the aircraft came in good condition, but after the seizure of documents, detectives became aware that an emergency situation has happened often.

– Documented many technical failures during the operation of the aircraft, and not during inspections. Had problems with the gear during landing, but the worst recorded case, perhaps, turn off the engine in the air – revealed details of the interlocutor of “MK”.

The icing of speed sensors, the airline pilots were not informed and letters with warnings, either before or after the tragedy from Rosaviatsiya was received. The cause of the tragedy could be other operational features of this model airplane. Imperfections or flaws to call them is impossible, as in the description and of the accompanying documentation about each “flaw” is written, but under present conditions these pads proved fatal for the aircraft. Chief among them are the absence of display, which displays the sequence of actions pilots (a list of commands that the foreign analogues is mounted in the cockpit); and the lack of recovery functions of the horizontal flight regime.

To comment on those comments of “MK” asked the designer of the An-148, former CEO and principal designer of the company “Antonov” Dmitry KIVU:

– The aircraft is designed and certified according to the latest safety standards. And it is domestic, European and American standards. So now it will come up with any nonsense, to the point that the plane is not painted in white and yellow.

Explain: the button includes the second pilot. The team commander to read the so-called “prayer”, which lists everything that should be included in the cockpit. “The prayer” was read, the buttons are not included. Next, the commander is in front of the eyes to the scoreboard, where it says: turn on the heated LDPE (receivers of air pressure – “MK”). And if the second pilot is not included, the commander triggered the warning. Also triggered alarm light – yellow illuminated button.

– And could the alarm for some reason does not work?

– Could. But this combination does not happen that immediately didn’t work the scoreboard with a text warning and burning the yellow button. That is, the right of the pilot light on the buttons lights that signal: Parking not included. But the commander lights up the scoreboard. This can not be that two control systems, duplicating each other, suddenly passed out.

– As for claims to “no recovery mode horizontal flight”?

– Demagoguery. What does it mean? This is when the auto-pilot asked the flight conditions and the aircraft flies. And autopilot keeps horizontal flight – altitude, the engine picks up – all automatically. Well, or it’s all done manually. But this pilot needs to know the speed.

But if no speed, as in this case, the pilot there are many other options that he must consider to keep flying. For example, there is a mode of operation of the engine for horizontal flight, is the angle of attack or pitch angle. For example, there is a certain pitch in the range for horizontal flight. Well, and hold this pitch until I deal with the heat sensors! But the pilots failed to do.

Our source from the Federal air transport Agency, who asked not to call himself, was not so categorical:

The main mystery now is why the pilots did not pay attention to the alarms that are not working heaters. And there are three lights right in front of them. And still have the alarm to sound.

And now the main question: either they forgot to include Parking and did not pay attention to the alarm, but it is very strange, either the alarm for some reason did not work.

When the crew sees that they have incorrect speed readings, the leadership on the flight operations, they provided the prescribed set of actions that they need to do. Judging by what the crew actions were absolutely rassoglasovaniya – commander lowered the nose down to speed dial, the second pilot, on the contrary, continued in the same mode to control the ship – it means they didn’t understand what was happening. That is, the alarm will likely not work.

It is assumed that if a person commits such errors, the technique needs their fix: forgot to include, she herself includes. And, incidentally, on the old “Boeings” the heating is switched on the machine. And we have, specifically on An-148, somehow, manually. And then, don’t you think it strange that the aircraft was certified and allowed to fly with such flaws?

– Or maybe just more correct and more reliable, such an important feature, as heating these sensors must be switched on manually, and then controlled by technology?

But the control equipment is much higher than the human control. Why now the flight is almost completely automated? Because cases that involve some kind of improper human action, that is, its error is reduced to almost zero. On the plane all controlled by the Central computer.

But many pilots just such full automation and blamed modern technology.

Those pilots who began flying on Soviet technology, which in addition to the autopilot no electrics and was not. Now quite another matter – a different age. Here, for example, now: pilots forgot to turn on the heater, and the technique always involves him. On “Sukhoi Superjet”, for example, automatically starts heating the sensor. But in our case, judging by the picture of the last minutes – and the pilots obviously did not understand what was going on – the alarm seems not to work.

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