“Critics applauded this film by Gus van Sant at Berlinale

– At the Berlin film festival premiere of the new film by Gus van Sant, “don’t worry, he won’t get far”, in which the main roles played by Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara and Jonah hill. Critics met the film participating in the Berlinale competition, with applause.

The film tells about an American artist, cartoonist John Callahan, who, because of addiction to alcohol had an accident, the result of which was in a wheelchair.

At a press conference after the film Director Gus van Sant said that he lived in Oregon with Callahan and saw how he drove at speeds of 20 miles per hour in a wheelchair. “You could sit by the window and see how it is coming next at maximum speed. And sometimes he was down, have an accident – but I think he did it on purpose, it was his way of having fun,” he said.

Gus van Saint is a frequent Exhibitor at the Berlin film festival, where his paintings several times received awards. The awards show will be held February 23. In Russia the film “don’t worry, he won’t get far” will be released in August.

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