Director Alexei Uchitel has been in the database of malicious defaulters

Film Director Alexei Uchitel has come to the attention of the bailiffs, so as not to pay the violations on the road. Folk artist of the Russian Federation “hang” two fine.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As we found out “MK”, the first violation 66-year-old Teacher made 12 may 2016 — parked “Range Rover Sport” in Malyi Gnezdnikovsky pereulok, however, have not paid for Parking. Passing parkon picked this up, soon the Director at registration a letter with a fine of 2.5 thousand rubles. Until January 2018, it has not been repaid, so the administrative proceedings was passed in Zamoskvoretsky court. People in robes made a decision under article “Evasion from execution of administrative punishment” and installed it as a punishment to payment of a fine of twice the size — that is 5 thousand rubles. The Teacher also needs to pay the bailiffs RUB 1 thousand for their work on collecting the debt.

In addition, bailiffs are going to get with the filmmaker pay for another traffic violation that he has committed Large Sukharevskaya square in October 2016. The camera caught the wrong Teacher’s car was moving along the lanes, violated the markup — for this video system has imposed a fine of 500 rubles. The teacher was in no hurry to pay it, so the materials in the case also handed over to the bailiffs.

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