In the state Duma offered to take men in educational institutions without competition

While the Europeans and the Americans are creating all kinds of preferences for different minorities at the head of the sexual, the Deputy of the state Duma Boris Chernyshov proposed to undertake similar promotional measures against Russian men. On the eve of the main male holiday on February 23 he brought to the meeting of the Duma Committee on education and science a bill providing for the enrollment in the teacher training institutions all willing men without entrance exams. Colleagues-deputies (tellingly, both sexes) this initiative was not supported.


The idea Chernyshova simple as three sheds: if the school does not have enough male teachers, we must provide them with a stronger flow. And how to do it? Easy! To take and score out of competition at the pedagogical institutes of the guys at the specially established government quota, but subject to the subsequent working of the gift by the teachers of the school for at least five years.

— As-that strange turns out… — hesitated, having heard of the author, the head of the Committee Vyacheslav Nikonov. — If all over the world fighting for the rights of the minorities, we are trying to fight for the rights of men. But the bill contains double discrimination. First, he discriminare women who might not get into University with better results than men. And then of these men, imposing on them compulsory. Just some kind of serfdom… And what, students-male losers will also enroll?

Personally, I am confident that young people will seriously consider their choice and not among them will be losers — tried to fend off skeptics, the author. — And it wasn’t for all the minorities I am ready to fight! But if necessary, we are ready to finalize the bill.

— I would have said the wording prescribed in the bill that it applies only to real men — prompted the member gadzhimet nǝbiağalı. — But seriously, there are too many contradictions with the Russian and international legislation. A special quota will unambiguously lead to infringement of the rights of other students. So as such, the law can not be accepted.

Indeed, the bill said in Committee, is contrary to the Russian Constitution, which establishes equality of rights of citizens irrespective of gender, and the democratic principles of higher education on a competitive basis, not to mention the international conventions “On the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms” and on the elimination of all forms of discrimination, etc.

I can imagine that will begin, take the state Duma a law — reasonably assumed Nikonov, after which the members of the Committee recommend the house not to support this legislative initiative of his brother.

But another amendment to the law on privileges for admission to universities will soon be adopted. This summer, for disabled persons of I and II groups, disabled from childhood, disabled due to war injuries or disease received during military service will be restored earlier, they had their opportunity to take advantage of with the successful passage of introductory tests, the right to non-competitive supply on the budgetary position of the University within the specified 10% quota by applying to several universities for several training programmes. (Now these categories of beneficiaries can apply for admission only in one College on a single educational program.) In the end, said the author of the bill, the Chairman of the Committee on education and science Oleg Smolin, “we will give disabled people the same rights as other categories of students in higher education”.

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