Kindergartens began to fight with gadgets: children have to learn to play

The main children’s psychiatrist of Moscow Portnov’s Anna stated that kindergartens should be prevention of dependence on gadgets. Parents need to explain that the gadgets are not created for children of preschool age. Children should play with real toys. According to her, experts compare the habit to use the gadgets with addiction to hard drugs.

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It is no secret that gadgets just appeared in our life. Many parents noticed that their children do not play with conventional toys, and try to spend time with smartphones. And it concerns not only seniors, but also kids. Not rarely seen when I could barely walk baby, poking at the screen of the smartphone with your finger, and parents enthusiastically exclaim: “that’s the Prodigy. Still can not read, and where to press on a smartphone already knows!”

But so proud of your Chad is short — over time, the parents realize that the child is going something wrong. And when trying to take away his mobile — child shouting and stomping their feet, saying, do not take away a favorite toy.

My child is 5 years old, I gave him first smartphone in kindergarten, I thought, so it will be less bullies: sitting and playing games, says the mother of little Vanya. – But then noticed that his peers running, jumping, and my child sits in the corner and talks to nobody, and only plays online games. After that, I decided to pick up the phone.

– We were invited to a birthday party for the daughter of her friends from kindergarten. They all come with phones and hardly talked to each other at the table, – told “MK” the other mother. – I tried to “rock”, play with them, all to no avail. I believe, all because of smartphones. Children do not live in the real world, they are interested in virtual reality.

The situation we are asked to comment on the psychologist Katerina Demina.

– Frequent use of gadgets by children, we can say that if the child is given a smartphone, instead of with him to work out he’s not trained. For example, mother wants to watch TV, and the child interferes with her, then she puts it in the hands of smartphone is wrong. This behavior of adults is now very common. In fact, the smartphone just replaced the TV, and in families where always watching TV, just switched to smartphones.

According to psychologist, with a heavy drug smartphone still it is hardly possible to compare. If a child only knows how to sit on the phone, then it develops it worse, he does not receive social and communication skills. These children are harder to solve conflicts with their peers in the yard or in the garden. Small children need to play and interact. But if at them in hands all the time, they are deprived of this opportunity.

– It should also be noted that the child copies the adult, – says the psychologist. – If the mother is constantly glued to the phone screen – it does the same thing. If parents read books or play sports, then the child will want to read or join him at the stadium. Communication through the phone or the game it replaces a real relationship. With regard to the prevention of struggle against dependence on gadgets in kindergarten, it seems to me that in the first place to the things you need to attract parents. Psychologists even try not to conduct therapy with children under 12 years old without parents. In this lesson, I would start to play with the parents in simple children’s games to learn how to do it yourself first, and then the house would play with the children. This skill, unfortunately, largely lost now. And it is vital children. And you have to play with the usual real toys.

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