“Like an animal bleeding to death”: murder Nemtsov complained health

The prosecution asked to sentence the boy eskerhanova, sentenced to 14 years for complicity in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov, to 2 months of imprisonment in a colony for insulting the investigator. This period may be added to the basic punishment.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

On Tuesday Basmanny court of Moscow continued the trial eskerhanova. This day was to be assigned to pleadings, however, the judge returned to the investigation of complaints about the defendant’s health. We will remind, at the first meeting Eskerkhanov decided to speak only in their native language (Chechen) to protest the court refused to provide him with an interpreter. The present hearing was in the same vein, until the judge Yulia Safina have not touched literally painful issue for the accused. And only after that the defendant decided to switch to Russian language.

— We have received information that you suffer from chronic diseases? — asked the presiding.

— Yes, I need the surgery. I without surgery, like an animal, bleeding to death. After your call to me close do not let doctors, but they are not there, some paramedics, who do not know — said Eskerkhanov. He said that he has only one kidney, high blood pressure and persistent bleeding.

The judge then asked the man to clarify who the members of his family.

— I have seven children. Senior born in 1999, Junior — 2015. Including one child nephew. He is under my guardianship. Two of the disabled child. Even in my family — two nephews, the children of the deceased cousin. Mother was sick with cancer — listed man.

He added that he worked all his life in the police Department for combating terrorism. Retired.

We constantly flew helicopters for a long time I was in the woods. During the war in Chechnya remained in the country, has not been studied, so are not fluent in the Russian language, — said Eskerkhanov.

According to him, during the service, was seriously wounded.

— Our APCS blew up on a mine hit, then I lost a kidney, he said.

After that, the hall invited the witness, he was Prosecutor of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, Deputy chief of the Department Alexei Semenov. He has participated in the process for the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov at the Moscow district military court as a Prosecutor in tandem with the Prosecutor Maria Semenenko.

— I supported the state prosecution, on April 6, 2017, was summoned for questioning by the investigator of the Central office of the TFR Alexander Kamashev, he then explained that he knows eskerhanova as a defendant in the case, but not to see him aversions. At the same time, the defendant expressed an insult to the investigator. Called it a six, there was profanity. I also heard the word “bitch”. Judge Yuri Zhitnik then gave him a note to be entered in Protocol — shared memories of the witness.

Why Eskerkhanov insulted Kamasheva, the representative of the Supervisory authority were undecided.

— I don’t know why Eskerkhanov began to Express the insult, — said Nazarov.

He remembered that cursed the investigator does at the moment not responded to replica eskerhanova, however, as he is.

— In the insult from Kamasheva face was joyless. Of course, he was not happy about it. But no words, the investigator did not say he did not react to it, — said S., adding that Eskerkhanov then two more times, uttered swear-words against Kamasheva.

These statements provoked a storm of protest eskerhanova. He could hardly resist again, not to offend anyone.

— Kamashev first began to insult my lawyer, then me, threatened my family problems. Then the investigator went home and there scared my sick mother — resented the defendant.

The court then moved on to the debate.

The lawyer of the accused Anna Burciaga again asked to provide an interpreter Eskerhanova, but her application was rejected.

The Prosecutor asked for the accused to 2 months of prison. “Together please eskerhanova sentenced to 14 years and two months of imprisonment, with deprivation of the title of “police officer”.

The defendant of the prosecuting attorney, only amused.

— I did not catch what he said. Let the lawyer speaks, — said with a grin Eskerkhanov.

In turn, the lawyer Burciaga tried to explain the motives of the defendant.

— Such cases are very rare, mainly in respect of judges who have offended. Process in Mouse was very tense and nervous. Seething with serious passion. To such remarks, no one usually pays any attention. Eskerkhanov tried to prove he was not implicated in the murder, but he did not listen. Therefore, he could not restrain his emotions. Witnesses-journalists have not even heard these words. In General, he is a very kind and decent man. I ask him to justify, — the lawyer concluded.

Eskerkhanov refused to speak.

— I will not say anything. I have only my mother to talk on the phone. Thank you, your honor, for everything, — the defendant declared.

After that, the judge announced that he would announce the verdict on February 22 at 11.30 am.

The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov. Chronicle of events

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