Moscow will host the trial on the case of plagiarism in the song Kirkorov

In Savelovsky court of Moscow on Wednesday will be essentially considered the claim of the French poet and writer Gilbert, Sinoue, which requires you to collect from Phillip Kirkorov’s 15 million rubles for alleged plagiarism of the song that was sung by the singer Dalida.

French musician Gilbert, Sinoue Moscow through the court requires to recover from the Russian pop singer Philip Kirkorov more than 15 million rubles for plagiarism of the known compositions, which was the singer Dalida (1933-1987). At the stage of filing a complaint in court, the representative plaintiff Igor Trunov has explained that we are talking about the song Helwa ya Baladi (“My beautiful homeland”), which was registered in the French authors ‘ society in 1978. Kirkorov sang it in Russian, called “Silk thread”.

The lawsuit stresses that the Russian singer has largely remade the song without the author’s consent. “A man does not pay contributions, has not agreed to use, and sounds in his repertoire is a work long enough,” said the lawyer. As evidence is collected three albums Kirkorov, in which he performs the work.

It also indicates that the French side has incurred significant damage. Requires further information on what profit a man from concerts and CD sales. Given this, the claim may increase dramatically.

So, earlier to sue Kirkorov 75 million rubles from the Moscow city court tried Didier Marouani. The Frenchman claimed that Kirkorov’s song “Cruel love” is a recycled song Symphonic Space Dream. However, the court did not consider this claim because of the violation of the rules of jurisdiction.

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