Russian women milking themselves for 500 rubles: breast milk can be rich

In the network there is a growing demand for unusual service and sale of breast milk. Every year the business grows. The cost of expressed milk quite high. Not available to everyone.. In Moscow for 100 grams of frozen product asking 300 rubles and above. In the regions you can bargain and for 100 rubles.

We contacted the woman who for more than three years earns breastfeeding. Is it profitable to open its own production and is there a danger to poison the breast milk of another child — in the “MK”.


Web ads on the sale of breast milk look like.

“Ivanovo. Sell breastmilk inexpensively (100 ml – 100 R) or pay for things for girls. She was born at the end of October. I stick to a diet nursing mom”

“Mosoblasti. Pushkino. 100mL – 200 rubles, 31. Healthy, without bad habits, adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diet, not annoying tummy (poultry, beef, buckwheat, millet, rice, milk porridge, tea with milk, green apples and pears, cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, broccoli and cauliflower, walnuts). The little girl almost 2 months.”

“Sell breast milk: fresh or frozen. Colostrum is yellow. Drink vitamins. Without harmful habits. Keep a diet. According to the agreement can in what-what to limit myself, or start drinking dill water”.

“Sell breast milk. In stock: frozen milk 300 p 250 ml, stored frozen in bags or jars in the freezer in a deep freeze. Packages pour on the maximum measurement 180 ml, but the reality there is placed 250 ml of Fresh (not frozen) 300 p – 180 ml each day will remain strained for 350 ml is fresh in bottles”.

“Elena, 28 years old, healthy, without bad habits, adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diet, every day walk in the Park. There are copies of the card exchange as of health, certificate of absence of HIV and syphilis tests in November 2017 yellow fatty Milk, the baby is gaining weight well, he is 5,5 (month), weighs 9 kg.”

Catherine 30 years. Selling breast milk a woman started three years ago, when the birth of a second child.

The so – called veterans in our business enough, ten people I know personally. These women now in its fifth year sell their milk, and the beginning of the conversation a woman. – I got the hang of it after the birth of her second. Milk I were oceans, the freezer was littered with packages. Delicious product can be stored for a month, so I had to get rid of it, thrown out. Then the doctor at children’s hospital was advised to put milk on sale. I placed the ad, published their pictures posted about yourself. The more about you will be information in the public domain, the faster you find a buyer. People need to know who you are dealing with. Because breast milk can be infected with HIV, hepatitis, Streptococcus, so in this case, personal contact with the seller needed. Soon I began to receive requests from clients. Came to women, and talked with me, checked the medical card, even my apartment was inspected. I can understand them. There was one woman who asked to be decanted at her, feared, distrusted. For this service I asked for 500 rubles per 100 grams.

– Why do not trust?

– Unscrupulous sellers under the guise of donor breast milk sell diluted infant formula, cow or goat milk, or just to dilute the breast milk with water to increase its volume. Fakes full.

And much can you earn?

– Per day I earn about 2 thousand rubles. It is a good profit. If you work non-stop for a couple of years can save up for a car.

– Breasts do not deteriorate from this endless pumping?

– Spoils. But then you need to choose. Either you earn or cherish chest.

Selling breast milk, usually low-income women?

– Of course, this carries a risk. The poor woman could not provide a decent diet, her milk will contain a sufficient amount of nutrients, so the many buyers pay extra for such women, so that they normally ate. Or invite them to work as a nurse to his home. But here are already quite different rates. This service is in high demand.

– Are allergic have someone else’s child may be on your milk?

Is unpredictable and the most dangerous moment. Allergy to donor milk is cooler than the mixture. It is known that the wife of one of the most famous Russian bard, was not postpartum milk. He, in the past, a physician by training, was strongly against the mixture. Been looking for a donor around Peter. With great difficulty found. Paid a lot of money. And now, after receiving donor milk from their child developed a form of Allergy in which the skin began to peel almost. They had to switch to mix.

– I heard that men also buy such milk?

Perverts enough. We put these customers in the black list. Although they swear that breast milk helps them to cure some diseases. Abroad, women sell their milk to everyone, just the prices are much higher.

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