“The ex-drummer of the band “Black coffee” Chernyakov found dead in Brjansk

Drummer Sergey Chernyakov, last played in ensemble “leisya song” and the rock band “Black coffee”, was found dead in his apartment in Bezhitsk district of Bryansk, reported “Interfax” in investigatory management of the TFR in the Bryansk region.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, the body of a 58 year old musician on Monday found out the neighbors, peeping in the open door of his apartment. In place of the departed investigative team.

“While the bases for excitation of criminal case no. Most likely, crime in the death of czerniakow no, but its exact causes are established, and the necessary expertise”, – said the representative of the investigative Department.

Meanwhile, local media citing unofficial sources say that on the body and the mind of the musician discovered the injury.

His career Chernyakov started in the mid 1970-ies. Graduated from the Bryansk musical school on a class of percussion instruments. The first professional team VIA the “Stozhary” (1975-1977). After service in the army he gets to the team VIA “Romance”. The most popular was in 1980-e years, first as a participant VIA “leisya song”, then group “Black coffee”. According to surveys, Chernyakov was one of the best drummer of the USSR.

In 2004, Chernyakov creating his solo project “Chernyakov band”, the group performs instrumental music. In 2007, he appears on the rock scene in the band of Igor Kupriyanov, in this and in subsequent years he actively participates in major rock festivals, conducts the concert and teaching activity in Bryansk.

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