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In Berlin showed new “desktop Thriller” Timur Bekmambetov

Still from the film “Profile”Photo: the official website of the Berlin film festival/Bazelevs

In Berlin showed new film of Timur Bekmambetov “Profile” – “desktop Thriller” about a journalist and terrorists.

British journalist Amy (Valine Kane) give the job to know as IG (banned in Russia) recruits via the Internet women who travel to Syria and become the wives of terrorists. A couple of weeks before one of these European “brides”, which was not and 18 years, was stoned to death after attempting to return home. In order to investigate, she creates fake Facebook page. Shortly after this contact goes one of the extremists Bilal (shazad Latif). He tells her about his life in Britain, that forced him to leave his gun and beckoning to Syria, promising all the benefits. Amy, which in the UK is the bridegroom and the work, after some time realizes that Bill it is not just a hero of the investigation.

Культура17 Feb 2018Бекмамбетов told at the Berlinale about his painting “Profile”Read more

The new film Bekmambetov – desktop-Thriller: the movie screen is the computer screen of the protagonist, which makes her calls on facetime (she communicates with the extremist in this program), unpaid bills, messages from friends, notifications in social networks. Bekmambetov is not the first time resorted to such a reception: he had previously produced the horror film “unfriended”, where all events were also happening on the screen this year comes another similar producer project “Search”.

But minimal art involved (and obviously physical) remedies will not affect the passions: this is not a boring didactic movie, a real Thriller, it drags and makes hard to follow the development of events, at some point – just not to breathe.

This movie is certainly relevant. Bekmambetov’s film was shot on the autobiographical book of the French journalist, who conducted an investigation, and then was forced to change his name to avoid punishment. But even if the film was not a documentary basis, the events described in it would become less plausible – they can occur in any of the European countries now (let’s take the example of Barbara Karaulova). Bekmambetov merit in that it shows how is the recruitment – and why these mechanisms, despite their razumnosti work.

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