“Transaero airlines has filed a lawsuit to helped make a turnaround plan McKinsey

– “Zenith” has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow the claim to consulting, OOO “MC-Kinsey and Company CIS” (McKinsey&Company), it follows from the filing of arbitration cases.

The statement was registered on 19 Feb. The amount of the claim 29.5 million rubles. Other details in materials not provided.

In the summer of 2015, when the government once again discussed the financial problems of Transaero, the airline announced the preparation of an updated business model to exit the debt crisis. Co-author of the model was McKinsey.

In 2015, Transaero airlines has been unable to service the debt, exceeds 250 billion rubles. At the government meeting it was decided to initiate the procedure of bankruptcy of the company, and later the “Transaero” has been revoked the air operator certificate, in connection with which it ceased operations. In September 2017 the company entered bankruptcy proceedings.

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