“Vasily Berezutsky have called it unlikely that his return to the national team of Russia

-The defender of CSKA Vasily Berezutsky said that no plans to return to the national team of Russia on football.

“I have already spoken about this. Perhaps my condition, opportunities, physical condition can not help the team. So, it is improbable”, – quotes the press-service of CSKA 35-year-old player.

The footballer underlined that the decision on continuation of career of the player will take after the end of the current season.

“Difficult question, it is always hard to answer. I think about it. Contemplate, look. Could only answer in the end of the season,” said player.

CSKA head coach Viktor Goncharenko stressed that Basil and his brother Alex earlier to finish his career.

“Bob said about his physical condition, but he and brother Alex’s strong players that can play at a good level for another two seasons at least. Of course, it is necessary to consider the psychological state they perceived differently. Knowing Bob, if he needed, at any time ready to help the team and the club. Especially considering the difficult situation with the Central defenders in the team,” said the coach of CSKA.

“His willingness to ask them to play at the world Cup. They know that we want to extend their contracts for next season. If I even are dissatisfied with the actions of washi on the football field, 95% of it still operates at a high level, although he often talks about his age,” he added.

Vasili Berezutski previously played for “torpedo” (ZIL), and in 2002 moved to CSKA, which became a six-time Russian champion, seven times won the national Cup six times, the super Cup once and the UEFA Cup. The colors of the Russian national team he defended from 2003 to 2016, becoming together with the national team the bronze prize-winner of the European championship 2008.

The possibility of returning Berezutsky in the national team of Russia began to discuss after severe injury received defender of the national team, football player of the Moscow “Spartak” Georgy Jikia.

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