“Seville” – “Manchester United” – 0:0: online broadcasting of 1/8 finals of the Champions League

In the Champions League today matches the time of completing the first half of the 1/8 finals. We expect two very interesting match. In Seville the local eponymous club takes great “Manchester United”, and the Ukraine to visit Shakhtar’s coming Italian “Roma”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

55′ the corner, but another, and Vasquez shot on goal, but hit in his.

53′ Muriel continues to beat on goal. This time a ricochet and angular.

52′ and here comes Vasquez! He deceived now on the right flank of the attack of players of Manchester United, moved to the penalty area and shot from 22 metres in the far left corner of the goal guests. Above the frame, unfortunately for the Spaniards.

47′ Muriel! not to postpone it indefinitely the locals, and just continued to swear at the gates de GEA punches. So far, however, they are strongly smeared. Above the gate flying ball after hitting Argentine.

46′ let’s Go! In the second half.

Expected it looks. Sevilla powerfully spends the first half. The players Manchester United almost did not attack. De GEA rescued three times already. On the scoreboard zeros, and Mourinho is very cool. Knows something about the second half, the coach of Manchester United?

45+2′ All. In this hot scene interrupted the match for 15 minutes!

45+1′ one Minute added to first half. But this is not important, and the fact that de GEA once again demonstrates his miracle skill! Already Muriel gets in a header after a cross from the right flank. With the goal line – it seemed that the goal is not exactly to pass, but then David managed not to give score to the player Spanish!

45′ De GEA! The filing of a corner, and N’zonzi threw the ball with his head, Mercado, who was transported to head the ball into the goal Manchester United. from eight metres! But the Spanish goalkeeper managed to hit the ball for a corner!

45′ another corner to the Spaniards earned.

43′ And in Kharkiv there was opened a account. This Roma scored. Rather, Under.

42′ again And Correa! He entered the penalty area left and struck delicately into the far corner. But too weak and de GEA manages to cover the ball.

41′ Another yellow card. Alexis Sanchez got it because the rules stopped break Navas.

39′ the Response of the owners. Vasquez struck from outside the penalty area. The ball took the defender. Angular. The corner, but the ball bounced to Escudero outside the penalty area. Kick, and Lukaku in the fall hit the ball experience in the field

38′ Muktomona shot from outside the box is blocked Rico. The young talent of the British well applied on the projectile. But Rico hit the ball to the side.

37′ Another corner won by the locals. Again, do not give to the ball when serving, tenacious players Mourinho.

33′ Corner earned the locals. Two corner kicks. but both the filing failed to the owners.

31′ Fans “Seville” beside himself with anger. Fell several times now in the struggle with the English players. The judge from France TURP is silent. And it is worth Lukaku to the elbow from the defender owners – there was a whistle.

28′ But and angel Correa. He went into the penalty area, Manchester United on the left, close with the defender and shot on goal. But straight into the hands of de GEA came for the ball.

25′ That Lukaku has spoken. Submission on the progress of the Belgian, Romelu summer shot from the penalty area – above the frame.

19′ Here and N’zonzi was given a yellow card for a foul on the away player after the corner.

17′ these are the times. Already the loss of the “Manchester”. Ander Herrera out of the blue injured. He pulled a muscle. Now, instead of him came Paul Pogba.

15′ Manchester United. Lukaku went to the gate, but in the fight with the defenders could neither penetrate nor pass the ball Mate.

14′ Apt Argentinian Banega now shot from outside the box is blocked de GEA. The ball flew slightly above the gate.

12′ And now the newly-minted star of Manchester United Alexis Sanchez picked up the ball after a long pass and ran to the gate Rico. However, the way it managed to stop the defender.

10′ the Spaniards obviously did not have enough skills in order to firmly take MJ by the throat. However, the hurt of guests they are able. You can feel it. Pressure all over the field.

8′ Manchester United is not really thinking about the attacks. While only kicking against the dashing assaults of the Spanish players in Mourinho.

4′ And here the first dangerous moment in the match. Muriel shot at goal Manchester United from outside the penalty area. The ball went into the bottom left corner of the goal of the British, but de GEA managed to jump and hit the ball to the side.

3′ the Hosts managed to hold Manchester United to his goal. But guests still kept.

2′ jesús Navas broke down the right wing and shot. But the ball went for a corner off the head of Smalling replacing.

1′ the match Began in Seville!

– But, how are things in Kharkov.

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Butko, Kryvtsov, Rakitskiy, Ismaily, Stepanenko, Fred, Marlos, Bernard, Taison, Ferreira.

Roma: Alison, Florenzi, Manolas, Fazio, Kolarov, De Rossi, Nainggolan, Strootman, Perotti, Under, Jacko.

– Starting lineups in Seville.

Sevilla: Rico Navas, Mercado, Langlais, Escudero, N’zonzi, Vasquez, Banega, Correa Sarabia, Muriel.

Manchester United: de GEA, Valencia, Nilsson-Lindelf, Smalling, young, MATIC, Herrera, Micromini, Mata, Alexis, Lukaku.

– Hello, dear fans of football. Welcome to the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. We will look today for the confrontations, “Seville” and “Manchester United” and “miner” and “Roma.”

In Spain today the offenders play CSKA Moscow and Spartak. The red and white defeated Andalusia in his field with the score 5:1 UEFA Champions League group stage. However, the defeat in Seville (1:2) has put an end to the hopes of Spartak in the playoffs the main football tournament of the planet.

CSKA lost both matches of Manchester United. Moreover, home – devastating – 1:4. In Manchester, however, the red-blue managed to impose struggle and burned only 1:2.

One thing is clear – meeting in Seville may fail, whatever. This can be a good draw (3:3 Sevilla from Liverpool), or a crushing away win. Maybe andalusica will be able to win with a minimal advantage.

In Ukraine also we will have unpredictable meeting. Shakhtar managed to beat Italian giants this season. Napoli remembers it. Whether wards of Paulo Fonseca to repeat the success at the stage of the playoffs?

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