Before a hockey match Russia-Czech Republic the Czechs made a scandal at the Olympics

The Czech Republic national team on hockey was not allowed Russian media to remove the team’s training video, leaving this right only to Czech journalists.


The press attache of the national team of Czech Republic Zdenek Zikmund, noting in the hockey arena by Russian TV men, behaved very aggressively. In particular, he closed the lenses of cameras and enough equipment hands. So, he allowed himself to push the Russian operator, which nearly collapsed from the podium.

Zikmund explained their actions by the fact that according to the regulations of the International Federation of ice hockey, the teams themselves can decide who is allowed to shoot and who not.

“We want to be photographed. You cannot remove anyone except Czech camera. It is the decision of the coaches, due to the fact that not to reveal secrets”, – quotes the press attache of the Czechs “Sport-Express”

According to Zikmund, training Czech hockey players was conducted in the territory of Korea, adding that if the Directorate will tell you that the error has occurred, they will apologize.

However, it became known that before the Olympic tournament among the players at the Directorate of the competitions the press-services of the teams reported that all training should be open to all accredited media. Thus, the unpleasant incident with the Russian TV men absolute can be called a violation of the rules of the IOC.

The Czech Republic coach Jaroslav Spacek responded to the destruction of our cameras with the training of his wards: “Let the Russians read the rules. Then they will understand that we had a right to.”

In turn, the Manager of the national team of the Czech Republic Jan černý accused the representative of Russia in corruption: supposedly, our citizen gave him a hundred euros to the team played in the semifinals of the Olympics in the form of red. The fact that the Czechs, as the nominal owners of the upcoming game, had the right to choose the color of their equipment, and the Russians wanted to choose red.

The Czech media responded to the incident. In particular, the edition called everything that happened “Russian espionage”. According to the editorial, the Russians may be in training, and her entry can already be regarded as espionage.

Journalists of the broadcaster Ceska televize released material under the name of “Psychological war Russians: unresolved shooting training and attempts to swap jerseys”. In their opinion, the Russian side is trying to exert psychological pressure on the opponent before the semifinals of the Olympic hockey tournament. Recall that Russia will play the Czech Republic for the right to reach the final of the tournament, 23 February at 10 hours 40 minutes Moscow time.

Olympics 2018. Chronicle of events

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