“Even if it turns out: Meldonium Krushelnitska slipped a medal he did not return”

According to the Russian Curling Federation, Alexander krushelnitsky and Anastasia Bryzgalova left the Olympic games in Pyeongchang and flew to Moscow. Previously, the exit chamber of the court of arbitration for Sport stripped Krushelnytskoho Bryzgalova and bronze medals of the Olympic games for violating anti-doping rules. Is there a chance to return the medals if it turns out: Meldonium spiked?

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Despite the rapid and dramatic developments in the FKR hope for finding evidence of innocence Krushelnytskoho and favorable outcome. However, the “bronze” our curlers back will not receive.

As stated in an interview with “MK” a source familiar with the situation, the athlete has not assumed any blame, but merely recognized the fact that a prohibited substance in his blood was found. Arguing with them is pointless.

— It is a medical fact. But Alexander being at the position that doping is not accepted neither purposefully nor accidentally, so her and left. Meldonium in his body — a question for investigation. There is a sample in it, dope in the second too. At the moment to appeal to CAS he doesn’t have anything. The panel of arbitration, which operates at the Olympic games in any case already made the decision to strip him of the medal on the basis of a positive doping test.

Provide irrefutable evidence of innocence Krushelnytskoho two days is not realistic. Further, the Federation will appeal to the Investigative Committee to investigate how it could happen, if the athlete is not involved and has not taken a prohibited substance is put, planted. If you manage to prove it, the disqualification will be reduced to a minimum.

Krushelnytskoho task now is to find evidence of his innocence…

Disqualification is generally not. It must first impose. CAS have the authority to do so is not available. It will consider the international Curling Federation. By this time Alexander is desirable to have an evidence base. In this case, the punishment may be minimal. So, it is necessary that the investigation is rapidly started and quickly ended, preferably with evidence in favor of the athlete.

On a positive sample is not even speech. It is. This question is closed. Olympic medal no return too. Now Krushelnitska need to restore your good name and to make a career was not interrupted for four years, or two.

When Alexander determined what he needs, support, the Olympic Committee of Russia will help him, will help the Ministry of sports. But we must first know what he is doing. Further tactics depends on the Russian Curling Federation. Primarily she is interested in the result: her athlete got caught. They must initially resolve all issues.

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