Skater Papadakis after breast revealed another intimate place

The French Gabriella Papadakis skater performing at the Olympics in Pyeongchang in tandem with Guillaume Cizeron, again surprised the audience with his outfit. Performance in any program has shown that her new image is no less Frank than that, according to some reports, became a “nightmare of a lifetime”.

photo: RIA Novosti

Papadakis this time appeared before the audience in a dark purple suit that covers arms and chest. However, during the dance, he moved out from the hips and almost bared buttocks of the representative of France, which, of course, was filmed working at the Olympics in Pyeongchang photographers.

According to “”, the representatives of the athletes stated that the design for this costume was conceived that way. By the way, in this Papadakis and spoke to the Olympics — for example, in November 2017 in France.

Special attention to along Papadakis now focused because of the recent embarrassment when her unbuttoned dress and exposed breast. It is believed that in that case it was a design miscalculation of the designer.

Dress Topless French skater Papadakis: the designer called the cause

However, the problem with sports suits arise not only in figure skating and not only the fair sex.

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