Alexander Yakushev: “Guys, rightly so, that sang the anthem”

The Russian hockey players became Olympic Champions after 26-year hiatus. Historic victory specially for “MK” commented the famous hockey player, two-time winner of the “gold” Olympic games in Sapporo and Innsbruck Alexander Yakushev.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The President Of The Night Hockey League Alexander Yakushev.

Is a great success! We won, as expected, but the game has developed for us very hard. We can say, pulled out this victory. Germany played really well and competently, not only defended tightly, but also very much attacked our gate.

At the Olympics there are no easy teams. Perhaps we were mistaken in assessing the level of the German national team have underestimated her. We have best played link of Paul Datsyuk. Note game Nikita Gusev and Cyril Kaprizova. When a player performs in the final of the Olympics, scored himself and gives effective passes is a lot of things. The performance of this link, Gusev and his partners, helped to turn the tide of the match in our favor.

Without NHL players, the teams ‘ level was much lower, and this affected the results of the tournament. Just look at the teams of Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Canada, America. If it was Malkin and Ovechkin, they have significantly strengthened our team. Of course the players, “NHL” was very noticeable.

Stressed Alexander performance by the players of the Russian team of the national anthem during the awards ceremony. “Well done guys! Did the right thing,” Mr he said.

Olympics 2018. Chronicle of events

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