Eurokangas: “Imagine that from “Spartacus” – we would rule out”

What eventually happened in Bilbao, from the point of view Spartak fans? You’d be surprised, but nothing unusual for the red-and-white.

The situation in the city was quite normal and calm, an easy fight in front of the entrance to the stadium is quite similar to the collision in almost any city in the North Caucasus, winning a particular match, despite the overall result against a player who is lower class, but resisting at the maximum of their ability.

All the fun was happening outside the stadium and even beyond the streets of the city. The storm raged and continues to go from the pages of Newspapers, has swept not only the Basque Country, but has come to Madrid, to Moscow, to the Sion. If not the consequences could be limited by wishes of good health couple-three fans injured, and forget this episode. But we will not allow him to forget so I understand.

This year Russia will host fans from all over the world. The experience of holding such a tournament we have, it’s not the Olympics. There are a lot of features, typical for football. And this time we got a perfect example of deep misunderstanding of the essence of processes proceeding in almost any football match in any country.

For people locked in their offices, it looks aggressive, noisy and dangerous, but it’s usually like loud statements of boxers at the weigh-in and does not go abroad. Rivals cheat themselves and each other with mutual threats, raising the level of adrenaline in the blood in order to obtain its maximum during the mast. In the case are the mass passes through the streets, singing and the obligatory demonstration paraphernalia. And while all this is happening, the authorities generally cannot interfere.

Much worse, if you start to notice a small group of young men in baseball caps, or draped over head hoods, Masta lanes. Here everything can result in many thousands of collisions as it was a little more than ten years ago in St. Petersburg, and even earlier in Moscow, China-town or the street in 1905 (the Manezh square riots and 2002, and in 2010 a different nature and are not to our case irrelevant).

These “firms” are still alive and well, still prove their power to each other, but moved their activity, almost a sport. And face the townsfolk, they can in only one case – if they long to touch. But in this case, you need a range of additional reasons to the conflict became widespread. Usually it is based on a principled opposition to the clubs or cities, and sometimes entire regions. In any other case it will just be a domestic incident.

“Athletic” in any case does not apply to principal competitors. The struggle of the Basque Country for independence may cause we have only sympathy and slight interest. Russia and Spain are so far geographically that we even have historical confrontations are almost there, except for Soviet aid to the Republicans the same of the Basque Country and two or three other provinces in their struggle against Franco.

So no reason prepared for serious clashes was not originally. On leaving the red-and-white went with their wives, children, and excursion programs. Guys with an anxious look, of course, is also present, but they were quite a bit, and the goal in this case was the football and athletic performance. All their actions had been confined to talking with the team at dinner at the hotel farewell and a wish of good luck.

We all underestimated the power of human stupidity. The authorities of Bilbao and the media throughout Spain immediately after the draw has launched a promotion of the modern type and built up its population to mass psychosis. They took the photos a decade ago, and on the front pages of Newspapers, not only sports, adorned with historical pictures “Gladiator” and, of course, Vasey K., which has long been raising the children and engaged in social activities. At first it caused laughter and confusion, but the result was a rally and March of anti-fascists in the centre of Bilbao on the eve of a football match.

To understand the stupidity and irrelevance of all these events, it is necessary to mention that they were singing the Soviet national anthem and slogans in defense of the free Donbass. Do you understand? They acted as a United front against us with propaganda accurate if not the official foreign policy of Russia, the public discourse of the vast majority of our population.

Disturbed couples in the minds of Basque was in full swing so that they only Budyonny caps on their heads is not enough that its a little off. And then the police suggested the Spartacists their capabilities and the protection of the organized route from the Central square to the stadium.

You understand, my friends passed away in this area to “San Mames” in about twenty minutes after that. Us that had not been touched, hardly a question no one asked and no one even tried to hurt. And here is where the organization took power, the blood flowed and there were casualties. The attackers have been no logic or reason, they are hysterically screaming about neo-Nazism and rushed into the column of people marching under a banner that is large wearing the order of Lenin.

It was not a clash of ideological, national or even club. This is much more like traditional running of the bulls through the streets of nearby Pamplona. A handful of distraught guys called animal rage and then competed in cross-country running. There’s also confiscated the local police the brass knuckles and pieces of rebar from your local picador talked about what this result they wanted.

All that they received. Minor injuries on both sides this is the normal effects of male disputes that occur everywhere and always. The only fatal outcome was due to 13-hour work middle-aged police officer and about the explosion of firecrackers at once speak only as of “probable cause”.

The result of all these riots was a new round of mass hysteria in the Spanish media, which at this time already connected with the officials of Spanish football. The President of “La Liga” they called us barbarians, and the mayor addressed the guests, urging them to get out and never come back. UEFA has said it will deal with this case. This means that the issue is not closed and may lead to sanctions against “Spartak”.

Now I will try to summarize all the actions of the Spanish authorities. Two weeks of public abuse in the Newspapers, the disgusting willingness of law enforcement bodies, the rally of the receiving party with direct threats to the address of the property, failure of planned measures to ensure the rule of law. The icing on the cake is the attack outside the hotel on the official member of the delegation of FC “Spartak” after all of these resonant events.

In our “barbaric” country first, this would never have happened, as evidenced by the organization of football matches and the European Cup and the Confederations Cup last year. But even if we assume such a possibility, the protagonists of this campaign would have already given testimony in court under article “Incitement of ethnic hatred” and “Negligence in the performance of official duties.” I’m not going to judge Spaniards by our laws, just imagine a similar action by the mayor and the leadership of “Spartacus”. Yes, we would from UEFA ruled for 10 years!

In this regard, I would like to advise the management of our club to collect documentary evidence of all these events and not to defend them, and to sue for such an organization of the international match. Otherwise, very soon we and the competition will not play in red and white, and featureless gray. Without the diamond, and then and without the arrows and stars on shirts.

Separately want to note the work of Russian journalists and commentators at the Federal level. These events have happened when they began to practice in the interpretations that provide the clicks on their news sites. Now, the master of the pen, called a policeman killed in clashes with Russian fans is to hate their fellow countrymen. He died, not killed. Died of natural causes, not the result of violence.

The only adverse cause that could affect his death, was the order of his boss, in which a middle-aged employee is held on duty longer than 12 hours. By the way, the chief at that time went to the fair in Madrid. You hate with the same zeal that your Spanish counterparts. So, bear the responsibility for the consequences.

All your ernichane about visiting fans of the Guggenheim Museum is not worth a penny, because the Museum is really two days were filled with our fans. Juvenile frostbitten leftists rushed flocks on lonely tourists, and we continued to walk.

We paid all the bills and politely answered rudeness. Just on the kick we used to fight, and not rely on the help of a small provincial police. Even some of the Spaniards were able to figure it out, and it was not.

The ability to protect themselves and their loved ones is something that we sang in these days during the national holiday. Your deep misunderstanding of the basic peculiarities of the national character cast doubt on your professional competence, no less than your inability to collect and classify the facts.

And we will stay with the team, whatever sanctions it nor was imposed, as it was recently in Seville. “One for all and all for one” is for us not a quote from “the Three Musketeers”, and our way of life.

Yuri MILEEV, Bilbao – Moscow.

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