“”Gazprom” placed 4th in a row of record exports due to the cyclone “the beast from the East”

– Grows stronger frosts in Europe to help “Gazprom” to put the records of exports every day: on Saturday February 24, the company has set a fourth consecutive record export of gas to far abroad by putting 655,2 million cubic meters of gas.

According to the management information of PJSC “Gazprom”, “this week has become to “Gazprom” record. February 24, the company again for the fourth time in the last four days, improved the absolute maximum daily volume of gas exports to far-abroad countries. A new historical record – 655,2 million cubic meters Rise compared to February 23, when it was reached the previous peak diurnal value: 2.4 million cubic meters”.

In “Gazprom” surprised to say: “the new record was set Saturday in the day, when gas consumption by foreign buyers, as a rule, is reduced to the lowest levels in a week.”

Current later, strong cold – cold Siberian anticyclone, which the European press has nicknamed “the Beast from the East” (Beast from the East), which urges the consumption of gas and rising prices on spot markets. On the hub in Baumgarten, Austria on Monday, contracts were concluded at $360 per thousand cubic meters, whereas at the beginning of the month, the gas cost only about $230 per thousand cubic meters.

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