German hockey player Seidenberg: we lost the match because of the “push in the back”

In an interview with Focus, a German hockey player Yannick Seidenberg explained the defeat of the Russian team in Pyeongchang “push in the back”, after which the Russian team coolly took advantage of the situation on the ice.

In the past South Korea’s Pyeongchang Olympic games of the German national team on hockey was not enough, 55 seconds to take the gold medal. In the last part of the match the Germans were 3:2, however, the Russian coach changed the goalkeeper for a fifth player, which allowed the team to obtain a numerical advantage.

The player of the German national team Yannick Seidenberg explained this defeat. “At the gates of the Russian team was a struggle. Me in the back held the power reception, and I dropped the helmet, after which I was forced to leave the ice. After that, the Russians for a short time were in the majority 5-4 and coolly took advantage,” – said hockey player, explaining that against the German players on the court at this point played five Russians.

The German hockey player worthy took the defeat in the final. According to him, the Germans are proud to have won silver. “Our team will celebrate this unprecedented success, and it will be a party we will never forget,” concluded Seidenberg.

In turn, the German newspaper Bild posted an article with the headline: “it’s So cool we’re not lost!”.

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