Red wine is declared good for your teeth

Contained in the wine polyphenols, such as finova and coumaric acid, to protect the gum tissue and reduce the risk of tooth decay. A statement that red wine is good for teeth and oral cavity, were experts from a number of Spanish research organizations.


As shown by the experiments of experts, the polyphenols prevent contact with the tissues of the mouth bacteria, some of which provoke the development of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity such as periodontitis, causing inflammation of root of tooth, gingivitis, i.e. inflammation of the gums. The polyphenols useful in themselves, and due to the fact that in a special way to interact with the probiotic Streptococcus dentisani protecting the teeth and mouth.

Naturally, scientists point out that even if their conclusions are true, it doesn’t mean that wine can be at least partly replace the traditional methods of providing hygiene of the mouth, or that in the name of protection against dental caries wines can be enjoyed in excessive amounts.

The study was published in scientific Journal Journal of agricultural and food chemistry.

Although sometimes appear studies, the authors come to the conclusion about the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, there is also evidence that alcohol in any quantity can cause the body harm. While scientists agree that the abuse of drinks of this kind should not, in any case. It can also be noted, that the polyphenols contained not only in wine, but many products do not contain alcohol.

Recently, experts from the University of Pennsylvania suggested that in a thousand years people will stop to drink alcohol because of genetic mutations in humanity to develop an intolerance to alcohol.

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