Alex Hvorostyan will film a video for the song “All the world” in Syria

Unusual place to shoot the video for their song “All the world” chose the singer and composer Alexey hvorostjan. This spring, the musician will travel to Syria, there to take photos. However, the song itself was written under impression from the trip to Syria. In the Studio working on a song together with Alexei now has an international team of musicians. Hvorostjan considers it one of the most important in his life.

When I stand before God, I will read Him the text and say: “Thanks to You, from my pen came this. Thank you! All is not in vain!” assesses the significance of this composition in his life Alexey hvorostjan.

He is confident that the song really can change the world.

– God is one, but has dozens of names! We are all brothers and have nothing to share – everything on this planet! The worst part is due to the sharing of faith or resources. If every person on Earth at least pronounce the name of this song, everything will change in a second. War, fear, deceit, lies and injustice will be no more. – says the artist.

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