Died writer who reveals the secrets of Kremlin wives

In addition to the two dozen poetry collections, a series of essays “Albion and the mystery of time” novel-memoirs “Book about my father,” she wrote the book “the Kremlin wives”, telling about the spouses of the Soviet leaders.

The work became a bestseller. Then the writer presented related work “Children of the Kremlin”. Vasiliev had time to deal with public issues: being a daughter of a design engineer Nikolay Kucherenko, took part in the creation of the T-34, founded the Moscow Museum of the history of the tank. The world’s only military-historical exhibition space devoted entirely to a particular tank. The Museum was opened on 37-m kilometre of Dmitrovsky highway in the 60th anniversary of the beginning of counterattack near Moscow. On 24 February Vasilyeva conducted its visitors.

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